We have 2 dogs and 2 cats, who all have fleas. We locked the dogs and cats in separate rooms until we can get rid of the fleas. Do you think this is a good and effective way to keep fleas out of the house? And what is the best flea removal method?


  1. Elizabet

    Since they all have them there is no reason to lock them up. To get rid of the fleas:
    1. Get frontline or some other flea preventitive from your vet for each of the animals and put it on them.
    2. Anywhere the animals have access to needs to be vacuumed like crazy!
    3. If they are allowed on your bed wash your sheets, blankets, etc. so you don’t start getting bitten.
    4. Continue to vacuum like crazy every couple days for about 3 weeks so you make sure you get all of the fleas (the vacuum doesn’t always pick all the eggs up and then they can hatch again).

  2. shadow

    fleas can jump up to 6 feet.
    When they are born they live in sand, cracks and crevices, and bedding, grass, so you may need to also target where the fleas are coming from.
    As for the pets, i suggest going to your local vet and picking up a flea wash. Bath them in this (not the cats obviously) then when they are dry add a flea treatment ( one that is applied to the back of the neck) do this with the cats also.
    Hope this helped and good luck 🙂

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