How to give training to the dog’s in home…I need the obedience of the dog…


  1. Sherawat

    Ya of course it is possible to give dog training from home itself..For good guide you can buy books and also you can refer the websites online for get the guideline for dog training.. There are tons of books and online guide .. but before buying the book just review it and buy.. Online there are lot of things like video and pictures to get the practical knowledge to train the dog

  2. two walkers

    Yes, there are a number of books and tv shows that can help. Two great shows are The Dog Whisperer and Its Me Or the Dog, both operate under the same philosophies but they go about the process differently. They help give you an understanding how to read your dog and know what he is thinking which makes it easier to apply to your dog. Remember dogs are like people in that they are different in personality and fears.
    The dog will need to go for walks to help socialize it and to allow it time to exercise and wind down so it will be more willing to listen and learn. Most dogs love to please their masters and all it takes is patience. If your efforts don’t work then you should consult someone who might have better training.

  3. Maxi

    Lots of trainers will do house calls and if you want to train the dog yourself then it’s your dog you can train it yourself, however if you don’t know what to do then you need some help and going to dog training classes also enables the dog to meet other people and dogs so they learn social skills.

  4. Naysaツ

    go buy some books, hire some dvd’s on training and read some things up on the internet. There is simply not enough time to explain to some one *how* to train a dog.
    Find out what works for your dog, what motivates him to work for you. That is a starting point

  5. Lindsay B

    Call your dog’s breeder. He/she can refer you to your local kennel club, who most likely, has regular obedience classes.

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