1. J C

    Be very careful – “natural” does not necessarily mean safe. Many of the “natural” flea repellents can cause severe reactions in cats, from mildly toxic reactions, to seizures, to death. Pyrethrin is one – totally safe for dogs, NOT safe for cats – but it is all natural.
    The flea products that you can get from your vet are chemicals, but they are very safe. And they are effective. Fleas are a real health risk for cats. In addition to being annoying and itchy, they can transmit tapeworms to your cats. A major flea infestation can lead to flea-bite anemia, as well as flea allergy dermatitis.
    The only safe non-chemical way to remove fleas from your cats is the old-fashioned flea comb. This is where you use the Dawn dish washing liquid. Put a few drops in a glass of warm water. Comb the cat, dip the comb in the glass. Repeat as necessary until you’ve gone over the entire cat. You’ll have to repeat every couple of days, as the flea eggs you did not get out will hatch.
    If you’ve got indoor/outdoor cats, anything other than a flea treatment from your vet will just be a waste of time, I’m afraid, as they will pick up new fleas and bring them into the house with each trip outdoors.

  2. Mrs. B

    1. There is no natural way to keep fleas off animals.
    2. Washing your animal in dish soap can kill it or cause other physical damage (allergic reactions, brain damage).
    3. The best thing is the monthly flea treatment which kills the fleas, sterlizes them, and kills the eggs. The chemicals are safer for your cat than letting the cat have fleas. Spray your home for fleas also (please consult the vet or online articles on flea infestations).
    You can comb the fleas off their body with a flea comb,
    have a zip lock baggy handy to wipe the fleas off
    of the comb into the baggy. Keep baggy closed until
    you are ready to wipe more fleas off into it. When you’re
    done combing for that period, take a hammer and
    smash the fleas inside the baggy (on a hard surface
    with no air in the baggy). Fleas can’t be squished
    easily at all between your own fingers by the way.
    About the flea comb: You can also use a human ‘lice’ comb
    if you can’t find a cat flea comb. Metal combs work
    far better than plastic combs for trapping fleas (and lice)..
    However, if these are indoor cats who are infested
    with fleas, please take them to the vet and discuss
    this problem with your vet. Fleas not only make animals
    sick, pass diseases, cause anemia, and other health
    problems.. but if you see one flea in your home, then
    you have thousands upon thousands in your home
    that you can’t see. Flea eggs fall off the cats onto the
    ground (or your carpet, furniture, bed, etc).
    Please read up on the internet information on fleas.
    Mrs. B

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    i can attest to the fact that the collars are hardly affected, my cat ended up with a colony right under the collar for pete’s sake! but i did read that if you pour some brewers yeast in your cats food the fleas will take one bite and go…your cat will taste terrible to them.

  4. notyou31

    Keep your cats indoors. There is no need for a cat to go outside where it can get into a fight with another animal, get run over or get poisoned. Indoor cats live longer.

  5. catscrat

    believe it or not you can bathe them in dawn dish soap or any lemon dish soap
    also if you feed them a little peanut butter it is supposed to keep the fleas away

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