Aside from the ole sole of the shoe method, how can I get rid of fleas in my home without putting chemicals all over my valuables?


  1. Jay S

    There is no dependable method that does not involve chemicals. All chemicals however, are not created equal. The best I’ve ever found is Raid Fumigator.
    If you’re absolutely determined to not use chemicals, invite all your friends who own white pets, to bring their pets over for a party. They pets will attract the fleas and carry them off. As an added bonus, this method will get rid of most of your friends too…

  2. jeannett

    there is flea powder that you can use and it wont hurt your things and it is safe even if you have animals

  3. Only I know

    twenty mule team. or boric acid. put a banana peel on the floor and sprinkle the boric acid around it won’t hurt the carpet or the pets,

  4. Georgia

    Sprinkle plain table salt all over the carpet and let it sit for 72 hours, then vacuum up. Make sure to empty out the vacuum cleaner bag. The salt gets on the fleas legs, and they eat the salt grains to get it off. Then the salt dessicates the fleas. Works even better if you use a mixture of salt and borax, but if you have kids or pets, don’t use the borax.

  5. A Great Dane Lady

    Vacuum the floor. Sprinkle Twenty Mule Team Borax (the laundry additive) on the carpet. Repeat this everytime you vacuum for at least a couple of weeks. The borax in the product will kill the fleas and as the eggs hatch, it will kill them too.

  6. Kelly D

    your going to have to rip out all the carpet for starters, and if your furniture is fabric its gonna have to ga too. Sorry but there is no way to gat rid of them once an infestation has occured.

  7. Free Wordpress Plugins

    put flea and tick killer in your yard. after this put lime in the yard. fleas and ticks don’t like lime they will not cross it. this can help eliminated them getting in the house.
    get a flea collar and put it in your vaccumn cleaner cannister. when you vaccumn you will vaccumn up the fleas and kill them.
    Fleas do not like lavender
    there is a book starts with a number something 999 ways to naturaly get rid of pest

  8. smack

    if its really bad i am of the opinion you will probably have to reallly clean up the place and get it professionally sprayed a couple of times… the more the valuables are out of the way of the sprayer the more effective it will be.

  9. Pheinly1

    In Texas I use a non-toxic powder called ‘Flea Away’ purchased from Whole Foods Market. It uses substances from the earth and suffocates the fleas. You can use it on cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies. Seems to work for me, good luck.

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