I have an 8 week old kitten and she has a massive amount of fleas (we live in the country). She had them right from the day we got her! She is too young for any of the flea remedies that I have seen. We are calling the vey on Monday, but what can we do until then?


  1. nosycap9

    Try using lemon dish soap for now until she’s old enough for flea shampoo, but don’t get it in her eyes.

  2. Renee'

    Why wait until Monday? The poor little thing has to suffer until then? The vet can do a flea dip…simple as that. Even on very young kittens….they know what’s safe….Imagine hundreds of biting fleas all over your body…you’d want treatment yesterday! Go NOW!

  3. gapeache

    i just got some stuff from my vet , its called ovitrol spray, dont spray directly on the kitten, spray your hands and rub and then spray a cotton ball and rub down the nose area. my kitten was the same way, i kept giving him baths until i got this stuff, and it also kills ticks and repels lice , flies, ,mosquitos, and gnats. what ever you do , do not buy collars or bath shampoo by hartz or sergents. it has been know to seriously hurt or even kill the pet.

  4. Mick

    Your vet can tell you how old Kitty should be for you to use one of the high-potency flea products. I hope 8 weeks is old enough!
    The good ones are Advantage, Frontline and Revolution. Tests show that they all work about equally well, but Advantage works slightly faster. That’s worth considering when there’s a major infestation already.
    Whichever product you use, buy it from your vet! Counterfeits of all three products have flooded the market and they are dangerous – many cats and dogs have died from them. Even legitimate retailers have been fooled, so buy only from a vet. They buy directly from a manufacturer’s representative, so they’ll have the real thing.
    Beware grocery store look-alike products. They are also dangerous. Last year Hartz Mountain flea drops were taken off the market by the EPA, but wholesalers and retailers were allowed to sell existing stocks, so they’re still available.
    Meanwhile, why wait ’til Monday to call the vet? Call today! If they say Kitty is old enough, you could stop by the vet clinic today and pick up some of whichever product they recommend.
    The longer you wait the more fleas poor Kitty will have, and the greater the chance that you’ll have to fumigate your whole house!

  5. panicatt

    dunk her body (not head)in dish soup with water and rub then pick the ones s(he) still has that is what i did!

  6. TMF

    Until you go to vet, bathe in Dawn dish soap. Then buy FRONTLINE PLUS!!!!! All store crap is dangerous and cheap.

  7. Tinkerbe

    take your kitten to the vet. he can figure the correct dosage for her age and weight to put on advantage and give a pill called cap star. but he needs to do this for you not anyone else who is not a vet because they could give to much.

  8. Black_ve

    You can use a LITTLE bit of flea powder on her. Don’t over do it. Put some on the areas most affected.. If when you go through her fur, and find little bits of little bits of black stuff, these are the flea eggs. do the best you can to stop them hatching, and re-infesting.

  9. Nicole

    About 3 weeks ago, i had the same problem. my kitten was 7 weeks. I was on vacation in California, and stopped by a vet and asked what I could do. I said I had bought some kitten shampoo, and was giving my kitten a bath once a week and she said, “well since your cat is over 7 weeks, you can buy advantage” so there you go. your vet may tell you the same thing but, if you just want to wait to buy anything till you talk to the vet that’s fine. Just put a dab of garlic powder in your kittens food. I also do that, and guess what…no fleas!!!

  10. nirvanag

    i had the same problem,give her a warm bath and use kitten shampoo and vacum if you have carpet and this should help until she can be seen by the vet.

  11. dawn5423

    there stuff you can buy at good petshops. It’s for flee anticonception. When the flees drink of you cat they are sterilised so that can’t procreate, and they will die out.

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