I already gave her a flea bath as well as put flea medication on her. I don’t know what else to do?! Also it seems she’s getting scabs either from all the scratching or from the actual fleas. Is there something I can do about it?? Thanks.


  1. jeeplass

    There is a certain way to wash them with the flea soap. The moment fleas feel water, they hide where ever they can, in the butt, vulva, ears, eyes, nose, and mouth. Then they come back out when the water is gone. So before you get the dog wet, put the shampoo on the butt and in that region, and get it around the ears and around the neck so they can’t cross over to the mouth and eyes too. Then get the dog wet, shampoo the rest of the body, let it sit for 5 minutes, then rinse off. Doing the bath like that will work for about 3 days in keeping the fleas off. Then you should put frontline, advantage, or one of those types of flea control on. Bio-Spot works well, better than seargents or hartz, but not as good as frontline, advantage, or advantix. Bio-spot can only be used on dogs, and not cats. Do not use the kind you buy from the store, sargeants or Hartz or any made by those companies, they do not work. And neither do flea collars. I have seen fleas walk right across the collars, and I have seen dogs that have had an allergic reaction on their necks from them.
    She could be getting scabs from scratching. If she continues to scratch, it might become habit forming, so be from habit rather than anything wrong. You can do medicated baths or oatmeal baths.
    There might also be an allergic reaction to the meds you put on her, or the shampoo. If you are not certain there were fleas, then I might take her to a vet to cross off medical problems and ask their opinion.

  2. friendly

    Do you see the actual fleas or are you just guessing fleas because of the itching? If you haven’t seen fleas, it could likely be just a skin related issue.
    I would recommned looking to the dog’s diet as the culprit. If you don’t already, switch to a grain-free kibble. Grain commonly causes issues like skin/coat problems. Couple brands that come to mind are Innova EVO, Wellness Core, Taste of the Wild and Natures Variety. There are more, those are just to give you an idea.
    I’d also add some Fish Oil and Vit E capsules into the diet for now.

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