1. Vbonics

    Borax will do it. It’s in the laundry aisle. Sprinkle all the bedding with it, let it sit for a while and vacuum up. Do the same to the carpets (if applicable) in the house. You should be ok after that, but you can repeat if necessary. It’s safe for kids and pets. Good luck!

  2. Panth

    Laundry soap probably wont help, but running the bedding through the high setting in the dryer will. Wash and dry the bedding twice – the first time to kill as many fleas and eggs as possible, the second time to wash them away.
    Also, after it’s been washed and dried, put it into a plastic bag, tie the bag closed, and put it in the freezer for a day or two. This should kill anything that made it through the dryer.
    If you can’t freeze the bedding, or your pet just isn’t patient enough, then run it through the wash and dry cycles three times, just to be safe. That should take care of it, and washing the bedding at least two or three times a week should keep fleas from infesting it again.

  3. ladyj

    Regular laundry detergent will not get rid of the fleas or the eggs. If there is a feed store in your area ask for the product that will kill the fleas and the eggs. Or go to Walmart look in the pet department they carry products that you will need. I did know the name of the product but I can’t think of the name right now…. Make sure you treat your pet as well….

  4. ~SheSul~

    Wash it, then use Advantage or some other good flea treatment (the kind that goes on the dog’s neck). This stuff will kill an elephant!!
    There were fleas in the grass outside, on the porch, and starting to come in the house. When I put this stuff on my 3 dogs, within a day or two, I saw NO MORE FLEAS ANYWHERE!!. It is a little more expensive, but worth it.

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