Where can I find a Dog Training Place that trains dog’s to be guard dogs In either Murrieta or Temecula?


  1. Diane

    I would say ask your vet he has the link to every and anything that has to do with the dogs – trainers-breeders etc in your area. He may also have an opinion on particular trainers
    As for myself my husband is retired but trained dogs for Corrections his whole life
    Be prepared along with training a personal dog protection pup it can be very touchy in the laws and you being sued. Remember now you KNOW your dog bites and that could bite you in court

  2. Kip's Mom *** ***

    This forum has people from around the world. Personally, I have NO idea where you are, or where those places are – not even what country they are in.
    To find trainers in your area – start asking people. Ask the breeder you got your dog from. Ask your vet. Ask at your local pet store. Look in the yellow pages. Do a google search. Etc.

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