If I let her sit in there for about 15-20 mins, do you think it’d work? I’d like to get rid of all the fleas so I can treat her hot spots.


  1. Danger, Will Robinson!

    Water won’t kill the fleas, whether it is warm or cool. Warm water will make her shed more. You need a flea shampoo – but don’t use one if you’ve been using other flea products like Frontline or flea collars. Mixing toxic chemicals can kill your dog.

  2. roxie_29

    Are her Hot spots from Fleas> Or does it appear to besome sort of mange? If she has Mange mites tou would want to wash her is coolish water as hot/warm water makers the mites active..With all this going on you would save money in the long run by letting the vet handle this

  3. jeannied

    Temperature of the water will not kill the fleas. A good organic flea bath and then a treatment of Front-line or advantage applied between the shoulder blades directly on your pets skin will kill the fleas and keep them away at bay for a month. Note to your self however, for every 1 flea on your dog there are a hundred in your house or yard. Quality pest control company’s can help you with your yard and house. Ask them for organic child safe flea controls. DO NOT use flea collars. If you read the box containing the collars you will see that the Human must wash their hands immediately after touching the collar. While the collar is on your pet the poisons and their gases are sitting right on your pets Lymph areas which then goes directly to your pets liver and kidneys. A flea collar can however be placed under your pets bed. After bathing your pet and applying the treatment, please also wash any and all bedding the pet has been on.

  4. Just Me

    you should use warm water and a good flea shampoo. Just water alone will not kill the fleas. After you put on the shampoo, then leave it on her for 5 minutes then rinse her off with warm water.

  5. voodooch

    I reakon warm water. The fleas will boil of and also it is more comfortable when it is warm water. Cold water is too cold.

  6. Just Me

    Neither hot or cold water will properly remove fleas… Unfrotunately may need some chemical or other natural substance assistance. Try a flea collar for a few weeks, they always do the trick for my dogs.

  7. Waterfall Lovin'

    i use the flea treatment that you put on their backs once a month. wal-mart carries a cheap brand, and it works really well. the thing about fleas is..if your dog has them, so does your house and yard. you can’t just treat your dog. you MUST treat all three, or you will NEVER get them under control!

  8. dogluver

    warm water!!! The temperature of the water will not make a difference to the fleas. It will only make a diffrence to your dog, and i gurantee she will be uncomfortable in cold water. Make sure you bathe her using a fea shampoo that kills feas.

  9. mom of a boy and girl

    While it may feel soothing to your dog to get a shampoo and rinse, the only way to rid your dog of fleas is from a vet(the pack contains 3 vials of medicine) and expensive $34.00
    You apply it on the back of the dogs neck…right above where back starts..Works immediately…..fleas will wind up at the tail end of your dog. (then you bathe)

  10. Wordpress Autoblog Software

    Just wash her with flea shampoo, but treat her hot spots with vasaline to coat them before you shampoo, it will lessen the irritation she will have. Kind of like when you get a perm or a relaxer, they smear vasaline on your ears and any damaged area to prevent burn and irritation.

  11. melewis6

    fleas stop breath in as soon as water go near them tire coating the dog in a shampoo for about 15 min before washing them the fleas need to breath in that time

  12. morganpo

    temperature and duration of a bath will not kill fleas. Try a natural flea collar- also consider Cutheal for the hot spots – searchit on the web or look for it at tack shop or big pet store

  13. Best Smartphone Software

    Never bathe your dog in cold water.
    If your dog has a flea problem, call a vet or go to a pet store and ask for a product to eliminate the flea infestation. Remember, if the fleas are on your dog, they are in your rugs and furniture.
    I use Frontline. It’s a topical liquid that you apply to your dog’s back between the shoulder blades once a month. The stuff really works.
    There’s a similar product called Advantix. Both Frontline and Advantix are available in multi month application doses. It goes according to the weight of the dog or cat. On the average a 3 month supply might run you about $30.00 (depending where you buy it)

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