When you visit a supermarket to purchase food for your family and you see a new product that you think might be a healthy choice, your first decision is to read the label to identify the ingredients and decide if the ingredients are healthy for your family.

Don’t you think it would be prudent to read cat food labels and determine whether it’s a bad cat food or a nutritional cat food? A cat food with any of their first five ingredients listed as a carbohydrate is bad cat food and it is harming your cat.

However, most cat owners fail to read cat food labels and as a result, you feed your cats many bad cat foods with harmful ingredients that are causing premature cat deaths.

Since most cat caregivers consider their feline friends as family members, don’t you think you should show them the same consideration? Feeding your cat bad cat food that leads to premature cat deaths is not showing love for your cat.

Cats are carnivores and their physiology demands a meat-based diet as this will closely mimic their natural diet. It’s imperative that you remember and abide by guidelines that will benefit your cat and help him/her realize their longevity. Bad cat foods will not do this but nutritional cat foods will.

Such foods as carbohydrates will damage your cats’ digestive system and cause food related diseases that will severely shorten his life. These are not nutritional cat foods but rather bad cat foods and they are the main cause of premature cat deaths

For your educational benefit as well as your cats’ lives, let’s take a look at some cat foods and examine their ingredients.


Use of Carbohydrates which include;

Oat Bran and Rice Flour also included is

Avocado oil and Guar gum

Oat bran is the outer husk of the oat grain – it is a carbohydrate.

Rice flour is a form of flour made from finely milled rice – another carbohydrate.

Avocado oil is oil pressed from the fruit of avocados. The fruit, leaves, bark and seeds of avocados have been reported as being toxic to cats. The toxic component in avocado is “Persin” which is a fatty acid preservative. Oat bran, rice flour, avocado oil and guar gum are all bad cat food ingredients


Use of Carbohydrates which include;

Brewers Rice and Corn Grits also

includes Beef-by-Product, Dried Egg

Product, Dried Beet Pulp and Menadione

Dimethylpyrimidinol Bisulfite

Brewers rice and corn grits are starchy carbohydrates with no nutritional benefit to cats

Beef by-product is the parts of the cow other than muscle meat. It could be organs and skin. Its origin is Rendering Plants.

Dried Beet Pulp is free from crowns and leaves extracted from the process of manufacturing sugar. It’s mostly used as a filler in cat food.

Dried Egg Product – Cheap source of protein – waste product of the egg industry. It could include undeveloped eggs, shells and other tissue deemed unfit for humans. Brewers rice, corn grits, beef by-products, dried egg products, dried beet pulp and MDB are all bad cat food ingredients.

Fancy Feast

Use of a Carbohydrate; Wheat Gluten

also includes Meat by-Product and

Menadione Sodium Bisulfite

Wheat Gluten – The tough, viscid nitrogenous substance remaining when wheat is washed to remove the starch. Wheat gluten is a cheap by-product of human food processing, the starchy liquid left after washing wheat. It is used mostly to bind food together. Wheat gluten is included in a number of human food products, as well as pet foods. Contaminated wheat gluten from China has been found responsible for a large number of the reported sicknesses and death of pets from melamine toxicity.

Meat by-product – Is the product that’s derived from Rendering Plants; road-kill, and the four Ds (dead, dying, diseased, disabled) and decaying animals flesh.

I’ve already explained what menadione derivatives are.

Wheat gluten, meat by-products and MSB are all bad cat food ingredients.


Use of Meat by-Products, Poultry

Giblets, Poultry and Bone Meal,

Vegetable Gums and Onion Salt,

I’ve already defined meat by-products earlier and we all know what poultry giblets are, correct? In case you don’t know, it’s the gizzards and hearts of chickens and turkeys provided that’s their origin but we don’t really know, they could come from buzzards as their source is not identified.

Bone Meal is another unidentified ingredient. It could come from the five Ds (dead, dying, diseased, disabled and decaying) animals that are products of Rendering Plants.

Vegetable Gum is another carbohydrate and its main purpose is a thickener or binder and it serves no nutritional purpose for cats and it could be toxic.

Onion Salt – No form of garlic or onion should be used in cat foods. Onions contain Thiosulphate which is toxic to cats.

Meat by-products, poultry giblets, poultry and bone meal, vegetable gums and onion salt are all bad cat food ingredients.

The above cat foods and their ingredients are a mere sample of what’s available as cat foods. Now that you have some information to improve you cats’ diet, use it and your cat will appreciate you taking their health into consideration.

Stop feeding your cat bad cat foods that are harming them. Stop buying bad food for your cats and lining the pockets of commercial cat food companies because they are laughing at how uninformed cat owners really are by actually purchasing the stuff they call food and feeding it to your pets.

It’s unbelievable that caring pet owners could actually create a market for bad cat food. If we don’t stop buying bad cat foods and start feeding our cats nutritional cat foods, our cats’ mortally rate will continue to skyrocket.

Since uninformed cat caregivers are the ones that created the market for bad cat food, what do you think would happen to the commercial cat food companies if suddenly cat caregivers became informed and stopped buying their bad cat foods?

They would stop making bad cat foods and begin making nutritional cat foods or go out of business.

Most cat caregivers are not that responsible. They have refused to stop buying bad cat foods and each year the commercial cat food company’s profits continue to increase. At this rate, the pet food industry will never act responsible enough to produce nutritional cat foods.

Because of convenience, cat caregivers buy bad cat foods that are loaded with toxins. A bag of dry cat food is killing your cat but do you care? Do you prefer your convenience over providing your cat with nutritional cat food?

The commercial cat food industry is banking on their research and it suggests that cat caregivers are uninformed relative to nutritional cat foods and they are more concerned with their convenience. Therefore, there is no incentive for the commercial cat food industry to produce nutritional cat foods so they will continue producing cheap and bad cat foods and you will continue buying it and they will continue laughing all the way to the banks and your cats will continue dying prematurely

About the Author:  Ike Lowe is a Researcher and an Authority on cat nutrition.  His unsurpassed nutritional knowledge boldly comes alive in his revealing must read book.  He goes for the juggler of the commercial cat food industry exposing the horrible truth.  click here www.whatiskillingourcats.com
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