I have a Chiwawa and he is very stubborn. I have already taught him to sit, shake, and walk on his hind legs.


  1. WP Robot

    Stubborn? If I had a stack of hundred dollar bills and all you had to do was stand on your hind legs to get one, why would you NOT do it? Seriously, think about it? Why not? Lots of reasons. I’ll bet none of them would be that you are “stubborn”. Doesn’t understand? Isn’t motivated enough? Thinks he’s supposed to do something else instead?
    You’ve managed to teach him these other things– how did you do it? Stack of hundred dollar bills? Try using some really tasty treats (soft and smelly)…..
    Here’s a great group to join– a yahoogroups trick list. Send a blank email to: trickdog-subscribe @ yahoogoups.com (take out the spaces).

  2. bravehea

    You mean Chihuahua Right?
    Try putting him in a training class first. This will teach him how to obey you. That has to be first. Once you have his attention as top dog he will learn the tricks and do them on command. Dogs love to please their leaders.
    Good luck to you.

  3. ~♥KoTaBe

    stop treating your dog like this he is a dog NOT A CIRCUS ANIMAL and walking on it hid legs is not cool that could hurt the animal leave the dog alone. and he isn’t stubborn if you taught him to do the STUPID TRICKS!!!!!

  4. Rayven

    i’d be stubborn too if you couldn’t spell my breed name right.
    Not every dog wants to do tricks and should have to because their owner wants to be entertained.

  5. ♥ocean_e

    Try a dog trainer, they can help you with any of your questions and keep working with the dog!

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