any ideas on training 2 135 lb. girl mastiffs to a leash?


  1. abhorman

    I have a 17 mo. old English Mastiff and he is very well trained on leash. I did it myself with the help of my bf and we were just super consistent with a prong collar always insisting that he walk beside us and making him sit when he didnt and restarting the “heel”. We also make him sit to the side when there is someone coming towards us that he might want to meet. That way they can choose whether they want to approach him or not. We call that “sit and greet” and we over pronounce the t in both words. He will now pull himself off to the side and sit and wag because he knows he must do this in order to get the “treat” of meeting someone cute and new to him.
    Mastiffs are lazy but they are smart and quick and I have taught mine very easily to sit, stay, down, high five, shake with either paw on command, speak and even hug from a seated position where he puts his paws one at a time on my shoulders. You will get what you expect so expect a lot – similar to how it works with small children.

  2. live and love

    hmm i guess u could train them urself but iono if that works then u should pay for someone to train them for you

  3. Mike Keel

    You need lots of time and you need to follow through with your corrections always, even many years later and never hit your dog that will only stop thare learning. I would not expect to teach big mastiffs much, they are in deed lazy dogs.

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