I am looking for some very good, but general, dog training videos for beginners.


  1. Rachel ~ Dog Trainer

    Hi there,
    There are many methods of dog training out there and many videos/DVDs for them.
    As a dog trainer, here is what I usually recommend to people.
    There are lots of resources available on the web, but also use your local library to check out dvds before you buy. Saves $$$ 🙂
    For absolute beginners I just love clicker training methods. It’s all based on positive reward methods, keeping all interactions between you and your dog as you learn positive. This goes a long way to building a bond of trust. Clicker methods are also very forgiving of beginner trainers and dogs just seem to LOVE it.
    Try googling “clicker training dogs”. Or start here:
    http://www.clickertraining.com DVDs for sale here, also do the search on Amazon. Most national chain petstores also carry clickers and instructional videos.
    ONLINE: http://www.clickertraining.tv/
    has some videos for free download to get you started, then others have a cost.
    Clicker methods aren’t the only positive effective approach:
    Also check out the titles at this link:
    I especially like Ian Dunbars DVDs.
    This is also a personal favorite: http://www.dogwise.com/ItemDetails.cfm?ID=DTB782
    Remember to check your local library for the titles. The Amazon used marketplace or Half.com is also worth checking out for cheap used copies.
    Whilst videos are better for a lot of people than books, nothing beats the hands on guidance of someone with experience. I would strongly encourage you to seek out a training class locally and attend with your dog. Choose a class that is geared towards the positive and describes the class as fun & up-beat. You’re looking to learn useful skills for daily life whilst you and your dog build trust in each other. It’s really worth the money. Classes should be in the ball park of $110 for about 6 weeks, depending on where you are of course. 🙂
    Please let me know if you have any questions.
    Good luck with you pup! 🙂

  2. Brad Gen

    Check with Pet Smart or Petco.
    Believe it or not they have tapes and also have classes. . . your choice.

  3. Just Q

    Pet video has some interesting videos to teach your dog stuff and the second link is to a book call Teach Your Dog 100 English Words which helps you teach your dog to respect you.

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