nothing seems to be working for my kitten. she is 2 months old and every flea product my vet has given her (from frontline to advantage, and everything inbetween) has NOT worked. My veterinarian knows this and tells me to give her a bath with a special shampoo 2 times a week…MY ***! I really don’t like giving her baths, i use wipes if she needs cleaned….
so is there any home remedies for getting rid of fleas?
thank you


  1. Isis

    The best thing I know of, that works for kittens and puppies to fully grown animals, is to put garlic in their wet food. I used to put 2 teaspoons of crushed garlic into a can of my cats tinned meat and mix it. It really does work within 3-4 days – no more fleas. Plus cats and dogs really like the taste 🙂 The one downside is the garlic breath however. You will need to feed the garlic meat at least once every 3 days if not everyday.

  2. hudsongr

    A flea comb, a glob of vasoline to push the fleas into, and time grooming her every day will go a long way.
    Vacuuming the floors and furniture helps too, as 97% of fleas sucked up by the vacuum will die in the process. Do the vacuum every day, to get the ones in the environment that aren’t on the kitten.

  3. Rachel-waiting for 11/21/09

    I’ve heard that Advantage does work nearly 100% of the time, but you have to do it for like 4 months (to get all the fleas and eggs I think).

  4. Spanish mortgage

    You still have to bathe your cat but u should use the orginal palmolive. You will be amazed on all the dead fleas that come off her fur. But makes sure its the orginal plain green one.

  5. sam

    im not an expert at this but u can put a little bit of lemon juice and por it on your kitten and it will kill the fleas.

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