1. postalbb

    Rottweilers are great with kids but they don’t like aggression, so if any of the kids fight, the dog will be there and break it up. They are not that easy to train, though. You have to stay on top of them and be a consistent trainer.
    Labs are great with kids. They are good dogs, although they don’t get their brains until they are about 2 years old, and some labs never get them! Small dogs are not good around kids, so you need a big dog.
    Why not go to the local shelter and take your kids with you and see if they fall in love with a dog there and if the dog falls in love with them.
    There might be a perfect match out there and the dog might already be trained, two problems solved and a life saved.

  2. The-Mom

    Any dog can be good around children. If you are going for the short hair for allergies or not alot of hair around the house, forget about it, all dogs shed. Dander causes allergies not fur. Labs, Golden Retrievers,Collies, Bernese Mountain Dog and more are all good with kids.But you need to make sure ou take the time to train the dog so that is behaves and makes a great family pet.When my kids were small, we got a collie and I trained him and he grew up with my children.I could trust him around them and any other child. He lived to be 13 and we still to this day miss him.

  3. Twistedx

    If you are looking for an “easy” dog I would suggest a cat. All dogs will be work, and training will take the entire family’s hard work.
    That said, Golden Retrievers are very bright and tend to be good with kids. No dog will be easy to train if you don’t know how to do it, though, so I would suggest some research on training techniques.


    I would suggest getting involved with a rescue league. If you have never owned a dog, before, then you can get the idea of what it is to own one. If you feel, after fostering a dog or three, that dog ownership is for you, then great, but in the mean time you won’t be getting into a situation where you will get one, have it around for awhile and then find it is more work than you had expected . . . now what? If you foster dogs, your kids can have the benefits of a pet, showing kindness by helping these animals, but you can feel more comfortable with it until it is, “right”. You can go to, type in your zip code and you can then find the rescue leagues in your area. They always need good fosters. They will also help you to know how to handle the animals you take in, provide you with food and vet bill coverage for the animal – but of course check with the individual league for their own policies.

  5. Jane

    I had a border collie as a child. Mid sized dog, smart, loyal, great temperment, although they will try to herd the kids.
    I had a 150 pound rottie with my kid. Quite large but loved the kid, protected her, loyal, affectionate.
    How you raise the dog is the most important element of having a good dog. Most mid to larger breeds should work well with your kids. Choose a calm puppy and treat it well. Your will be rewarded for life.

  6. hosting

    Newfoundland’s, When I was preg. I wanted to get a puppy because I got this brainstorm that I would raise both the baby and a puppy at the same time, (not my brightest move) but it worked out, anyways after reading many books on breads I decided on a Newfy. and was not disappointed. What a wonderful bread, They are known as the babysitter, Suck a kind gentle Beautiful dog. the only down side is due to their size they only live 10-12 yrs, But Truly a beautiful breed, esp with children. Get a book and look them up, along with other breeds that will fit your needs. then make a decision.

  7. m_szat

    Terriers of anykind also are very good with kids and are smart or easy to train. I have a whoodle, or a wheaten terrier and a poodle, and he is the absolute best dog. They come in all sizes, super great around any aged kids (even babies) they dont shed, and are fast learners.

  8. kyle o

    I agree with the post about labs not getting brains until they are two my lab still cannot find his.. with that said… lol
    Labs are awesome dogs.. sometimes they can be hard headed but over all they are great dogs. Our is very gentle with smaller kids. He loves the cat much to the cats dismay. The ginuea pigs, he is still iffy about, they nip at him and he is not sure what to think about that..I honestly think a mixed breed dog is the best. We know our dog is lab mixed with something.. the person told us he was mixed with beagle and cocker spaniel. But we now think maybe pitbull. Yeah, i know pitbull….. Right now as i look at him sleeping ON THE SOFA i am thinking he is mixed with a sack of potatoes… but consider a mixed breed dog. i love our mutt dog, whatever he is mixed with. But labs are the way to go. Charlie shows love by sitting on you, so sometimes he is a little overbearing with little kids, but he means no harm. good luck in your search

  9. daisygir

    Golden Retriever are awsome with kids!
    Labs are very good dogs also, but let me warn you the chew A LOT!! my lab puppy went through about 5 tennis shoes, an i pod, trash, coffee table, deck outside, make up, remote control, homework (literally), etc…

  10. Raised By Sibes

    No matter the breed, training is NOT easy. It takes time, patience and dedication.
    If you want a dog, don’t expect it to be easy. Prepare to work with the dog on a daily basis to reinforce commands and teach behaviors.

  11. runforas

    labs a great, but very high energy and can be a little overwhelming for kids at times, but since you have older children i think they would do great. pit bulls, if raised from a puppy, are also GREAT with kids!

  12. K-9 Lover

    A Germain Shepherd they are Loyal, excellent with children and very protective of their family. Im a proud owner of a female Germain Shepherd I could not ask for a better dog.

  13. Reece Braveheart Aussies

    West Highland White Terriers are great with kids and very smart. Mine were good around all other animals. They usually live a long time, mine lived 16&18 years.

  14. Tess

    Get a retriever!!!! There are noted for there companionship and trainablitiy.
    The dogs are great and need home or many of them will be killed!

  15. dvogz7

    Well that’s good because I have a Schnauzer and he is hard to train and he is horrible with little kids.

  16. Labrador

    There are many great dogs out there which are really good with kids, including labradors however they often develop problems with their legs or hips because of excessive breading. Golden Retrievers are also very good with children but get excited and might by accident knock a young child over. Cocker Spaniels and Springer Spaniels are good with kids but do need quite a bit of excercise. So there are qood points and bad points to all dogs but personally I would go for a labrador!

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