Lucky was found abounded about 2 weeks ago my mom and I have been bottle feeding him and caring for him since. I bath him in warm water trying to get rid of the fleas almost daily yet there is just more the next day. Is there anything I can safely use on him at his age?


  1. judithsr

    Using a very small amount of Advantage flea care is safe for kittens who are 4-5 weeks old. You’d want to buy a tube for the smaller weight cats and not use the whole amount.
    Bathing him is unfortunately not going to do much good, at least not for a long period of time. A preventative method is the best, and Advantage is a good one. Advantage is better in this situation over Frontline…Frontline has a tick medication as well, which would probably be too strong and unnecessary if the kitty doesn’t have ticks.
    If/when you do apply the medication, wait at least 24 hours after you’ve bathed the kitty. Advantage works by traveling through naturally occuring oils in the cat’s fur. When you bathe them, the oils temporarily get washed away, and the medication won’t be as effective.
    Whatever you do, good luck! And that’s really great that you and your mom are taking such good care of him. 🙂

  2. Spelunking Spork

    Wash him with baby shampoo and pick them out with tweezers, also, wash his bedding.
    It may take a couple days to rid him of fleas.

  3. ocean_be

    Most over the counter flea shampoos can’t be used on kittens that young. When my kitten was 5 weeks, I found a few fleas but I just brushed him a few times a day with a flea comb. It took some time and patience but I managed to get all the little buggers out and I didn’t have use any chemicals.

  4. Ozark American

    We have several farm animals and we at times get that problem we use DAIRY BARN FLY SPRAY. It works great in the house and about any wear we spray it we use it on our kittens and our dog. its safe around food. we love it

  5. stardanc

    I have bred Silver Chinchilla Persians. Kittens cannot be treated. and Momma also cannot have any chemicals on her. it may poison the milk. a trick from way back when. is to take Que tips and dab them in alcohol. stick flea with tip. it will usually kill them. then get a tiny flea comb. and comb all flea dirt and others off. I always did it over the toilet so they wouldn’t jump on me on back onto another animal. and just a wee bit of alcohol on each q tip

  6. junkmail

    Yes, use Dawn dish washing soap. The blue liquid, without bleach, and make sure he is kept warm. He is plenty old enough for kitten chow, and canned cat food also. Never use a flea shampoo or flea collar or any flea repellent on a kitten younger than three months old, unless a vet says to.

  7. lottie

    Pert Plus dandruff shampoo! The vet told me to use it when my kitten was too young to have a flea bath. It works the same and is safe is what he told me. It didn’t get rid of all the fleas, so I had to bomb the house cuz they were in my carpet. Put a flea collar in your vacuum bag and see if that works before you decide to bomb the house. Good Luck ; )

  8. Bible Trekker

    Advantage or Frontline. You can get them from your vet. Advantage is a little cheaper than Frontline, but Frontline attacks not only fleas, but also ticks. But either attack the fleas great, and is very safe for kittens.

  9. lschuler

    The vet can give you stuff. Be sure to do it soon. If they get too bad the kitty can get sick with Anemia…and possibly die 🙁 It happened to me.

  10. sunshine

    Get some flea shampoo and make sure you get his head. Totally submerge the kitten up to his collar bone in warm water with the flea shampoo in the water and then rub some more flea shampoo into the fur. You will see all the fleas scrurry up to the top of the kittens head at that point which is why you have to make sure to get their head really good.
    Kittens cannot regulate their body tempature, so make the bath as short as possible but thourougly work in that shampoo and let it sit 2-3 minutes and then rinse off the kitten and wrap him with just his little face sticking out in a nice warm towel. Hold him tight in the towel and dry him off.
    You have to get those fleas! With a small kitten, fleas can really harm them and literally suck them dry. I found a kitten 2 years ago in the same condition. It took 3 baths but after that, no fleas.
    Thank you for caring for that little animal!

  11. pinkcc

    Take it to the vet and ask for Capstar it only cost about $10.00 (in TX) and it works super fast. My vet gave it to my kitten after we found her and within 2 hours of giving it to her, the fleas just started falling off.

  12. rallsjc

    If it’s a kitten, you should get it used to being bathed while it’s young. Any flea shampoo from Petsmart or your vet will do. Just carress the kitten in the water so it doesn’t get the impression that being bathed is such a traumatic experience.

  13. tony DJ

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  14. shorty20

    well your kitten would have to be a year old before you could use any kind of flea bath or treatment I had 3 orphan kittens that were only 4 days old and I was bottle feeding them. I used warm water not to warm and kitten bath soap you can find this at petsmart or another local petstore and I took tweezers and plucked them off one by one and then rinsed them off and dryed them. I had to do that for about a month till they were gone because the fleas lay eggs and you can’t get those off till after they hatch. When you pluck them off make sure you have a cup off soapy water near by to put them in the fleas will drown when you do this. Also you will need to treat the surrounding areas carpet, curtains, rugs, couch anything that they can hatch there eggs in I used a flea spray that you can buy at homedepot or lowes called the “enforcer” flea and tick spray it sterilizes the fleas you will have to treat again when the other eggs hatch and it is safe to use around pets.

  15. ?

    You should use plain Dawn dishwashing soap. Then use a flea comb to get the dead ones off and try and pic off as many a possiable that are still alive with tweesers and your fingers. Also make sure you blow dry the kitten and dont let him get cold. But you will have to keep this up pretty much every few days because new ones will hatch. Also you want to clean all of the bedding that the kitten sleeps in and vaccum and throw out the bag fleas can live in your vaccum bag. We the kitten is 8 weeks you can use frontline on him which will kill the fleas and their eggs.

  16. sunshine

    I think you can use the kind that goes on the back of the neck in one spot – it works great. My kittens had to have it when they were about 5 weeks old and they were fine in no time. There are many kinds – just look in the cat section of Walmart or where ever you shop. They look like little tubes of medicine.

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