I just noticed fleas on her today, i went up to petco but they said that you cant give them flea baths or use any medication until their 12 weeks. Is there anything i can use until then to get rid of them?


  1. Patty O

    When she is 8 weeks old, you will be able to use Advantage on her. I prefer Advantage, it works to kill the fleas and the odor is not as offensive as some of the others. You will need to get this at the vet.
    Please do not use any flea product from the store, such as Hartz, Sargents, etc. These products use a insecticide that can make cats ill. I know from experience. Many years ago, thinking I would save a little money, I got one of the store products for my cats. All I did was make five cats sick, had to take five cats to the vet to get them well, and still had to fight fleas on these five cats. Luckily, all the cats recovered.
    The best thing to do right now so the fleas don’t get too bad is to bathe the kitten to help kill the eggs and the larva stages. Bathing doesn’t kill adult fleas, because as soon as you get kitten wet, they jump off her or go into a body opening (ears, eyes, nose, etc). I have used baby shampoo, so if it does get in their eyes, it doesn’t sting. Once kitten is warm and dry, they will resume their torment on her.
    The next thing to do is to wash all her bedding, rugs, the family’s bed linens every few days to also interrupt the flea cycle. The flea cycle has four stages..egg, larva, cocoon and adult. It takes about 3 weeks for the cycle to be complete.
    Vacuum anything that cannot be washed, such as large rugs, carpet, upholstered furniture, every nook, corner and crevice. Dispose of the collections every other day (fleas can hatch in the vacuum bag or canister).
    Fighting fleas is a battle, but you can win! With just a little effort you can be flea free in about a month.
    Kitten is at the right age for her first kitten wellness exam. Please discuss flea control with her vet so you can get one with good results and appropriate for her age and size.
    One last thing, the vet flea products are more expensive than the store brands or purchasing on the internet. Ask your vet if they will honor the internet price. Many will just to keep your business.
    Purrs to you and kitten.

  2. Siamese-

    actually if you are very very careful you can use dawn dish soap, keep it out of her eyes, and be sure to rinse her completly, you may even want to use a bit of your conditioner on her to keep her hair from drying out, and her skin to itch, be sure and dry her well,

  3. sabrina a

    when i got my kitten he was about 8 weeks and he had fleas. i just washed him with johnsons baby shampoo and picked as many as possible off.

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