i have a dog. the dog has fleas. the yard has fleas. part of my house has fleas. how do i get rid of them plain and simple. i have no cat.


  1. Island Queen

    Again, flea bomb the house, flea dip the dog and give it Advantage every month and spray the yard and lawn for fleas with products from Lowes or Home Depot.


    Try using the Enforcer flea spray it works wonderful
    we use it every summer . Try Ace Hardware that’s the only place I’ve seen it . You also can call around to see who else Carry’s it
    I’m in Long Beach Ca, and I can only find it at Ace Hardware stores. Oh you’ll also like to give your dog a flea dip bath, and wash the things that are washable and some things that can take hot water you should wash it in hot water. I hope this was helpful to you. About the fleas yes fleas are just fleas. You can also spray the same flea spray out side I do it works fine. after you spray it says not to vacuum. BUT the secret is to Vacuum it up to rid the dead fleas and the dying one that are there.

  3. The Youtube

    The problem with getting rid of fleas is that the eggs can develop into a full blown adult and never leave the sack until a meal comes along, they can live like a year without their first blood meal, after that they last about 3 months. So there is no fast fix. I had a possum in my basement during remodeling, that was two months ago, I am still finding a flea or two on my legs when I come up from there. I bombed three times, sprayed four or five times. I finally used a granulated product and spread it all around the walls and on the floor. It is still there and working.

  4. Hound87

    you have to have the dog flea dipped, use indoor forgers (bug bombs) in the house and buy a out door yard bug sprayer that attaches to the water hose and spray the yard down. It kind of intense but its the only way to get all of them so they don’t come back. The only differance between dog and cat fleas is the animal they are on.

  5. Tigger

    Yup, fleas are fleas. And they’re all bloodsuckers.
    You may want to get a professional exterminator to treat your yard and under your house, if you have a crawl space.
    For the dog, get him dipped, treat him with a product like Front Line, then close him in a flea-free room (such as the bathroom) and treat the rest of your house.
    Get a powder that will kill fleas and flea eggs. If you can’t find one, I’ve found that Borax or powdered laundry detergent works as well. Sprinkle that on your carpet, furniture, and mattress, and let it sit about 20 minutes or so. Then vacuum it up. And continue vacuuming every day for at least 2 weeks to make sure you’ve got all the fleas and their eggs.
    Meanwhile, make sure to wash everything that’s washable in case you have fleas hiding in your curtains or bedding.
    Good luck!

  6. owllady

    Cat fleas are full of cat blood and Dog fleas are full of dog blood. Fleas are a health hazzard to pets and their humans. They can cause round worms in your pets, and the plague in humans. Give you and your pet some relief and do something about it.

  7. bad guppy

    go to the vet and get flea drops for your doggie. you don’t need a vet visit for the drops, you can buy it from them without the cost of an office visit. then bomb your house with a flea bomb when you and fido will be out for a few hours. in the old days we used to dust the yard with seven dust (an insecticide), but nowadays i’m sure there are alternatives to this. also be sure to vacuum upholstered furniture and wash bedding in the rooms with the infestation.

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