my cat has fleas and maybe ticks, im giving her flea baths but they just keep coming back. my mom thinks they are in the rugs and i want them out of the house cause they are realy starting to iritate me and my family.


  1. dnsage1

    Fleas Baths work for the DAY you are using it and only on the adult fleas, the eggs and larvae are not killed so it would not be good to wash your kitty every day. Do not use Advantix on your cat – It is a DOG only product and can kill your kitty.
    Use products from your Vet – Best ones are: Revolution, Advantage and Frontline. Frontline is my favorite.
    Use a bomb from your vet for the carpet. Vacuum daily. You will win this war!

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    First of all, keep bathing your cat. In the rinse water, add salt. Fleas hate salt and die from them. After 3 days, apply advantage/Frontline.
    Vacuum everywhere (Throw the bag away afterwards) and wash your clothes, bedsheets etc (Wherever your cat goes especially) and her bedding.
    Use insect-control products (that contain both an insecticide and an Insect Growth Regulator) and “bomb” or “spray” one room at a time. keep the door closed, and do not let any of your pets inside until approximately 24hrs is past.
    Buy a flea collar for inside the vacuum bag.
    Put moth flakes down on the carpet and vacuum them up. It will kill any fleas you vacuum up!
    Also, (This works really well) Put a dish of water with washing up liquid/dishwasher soap underneath a light in a dark room (Preferably at night). The fleas are attracted to the light. The hop onto the dish but they are unable to get back out because the soap pulls them down.
    Good luck, Lou
    EDIT No 2:
    Do NOT do what Suzanne D said (Put Borax down) as the cat will walk on it, and lick her paws because Borax is poisonous.

  3. ingoodfa

    If you have fleas in the carpet, the only way to get rid of all of them is to use a “bomb” made especially for that purpose. I had the same thing happen once and that worked great for me – they never came back. Once you are rid of them make sure you use Advantage on the cat so it won’t reinfest the house.

  4. poopsie_

    I’m sorry to say but I think your mum’s right!
    many years ago my mum had the same problem and everyone was getting bitten……..
    she ended up having to get rid of the living room carpet and getting a new one.
    otherwise I’d suggest you look at getting a professional in to clean them………
    depends which is going to work out the better option……

  5. Suzanne D

    If you sprinkls Borax all over the carpets and let it sit over night it works, and isn’t so toxic. If you spread Borax under the sofa and other kitty hiding places, it will help, too.
    I agree with the previous poster and would Advantix your cat.

  6. saaanen

    All you need to do is get the stuff your vet recommends. It also eliminates any fleas in the house. Ask them to explain it to you.
    I have never had to bomb the house when I use the professional stuff.

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