I pay a monthly pest control service to spray the interior and exterior for fleas and other pests but this year it has not worked. The fleas reappear after a day or two. I did a search for this question but there were not many answers about seven-dust and other natural flea killers. This house is very old and there are lots of crevices where the fleas can hide. We cannot afford to move until at least the spring of next year (we live in South Mississippi). Help!


  1. John S

    Sevin dust is a very good product to use. here is the procedure to use.
    1. Vacuum, sweep, clean. Make sure you empty vacuum in a plastic bag and dispose out of house.
    2. Pick up all toys, for children or dogs,ect
    3. Buy some total release foggers with a residual
    4 Place in the center of rooms and release, leave for 2-4 hours and open all windows on re-enter
    5. Wipe off all tables and place where you touch
    6. Repeat in about 30 days or so. (the key to success is this part)
    You can go to the link below for a more detailed approach

  2. bn_here_

    Vacuum frequently – every day. Empty the vacuum bag if your machine has a bag. If it is bagless, then empty out the container. Abrasion from the vacuum wears down the flea’s exoskeleton and causes them to die.
    Daitomaceous Earth is a dessicant that sucks the moisture right out of insect’s bodies if it gets on them. You should do some reading about this before you try using it to make sure it would be safe for any pets in your home as well as for yourself. I think it is sort of a last resort thing. Though you might be able to sprinkle it in the cracks & crevices of your old house. ( I know just what you mean about that! I lived in a beautiful old house in West Virginia once. Lots of charm & character, 36 windows… and it was insect superhighway. No roaches or dirty house insects, but it was almost like we lived in the woods with all the bugs from outside. Loved the house, hated the bugs)
    Keep your pets immaculately clean. Brush, comb, wash – whatever it takes to keep the fleas & their eggs off your animals.
    Good luck!

  3. Neph

    Ooooh man. uhh. Okay If I were you I would remove everything from each room 1 at a time example : take everything out your bedroom, then mop or vaccum floors, take down the curtains, change bedsheets then put it back.
    I would do this for each room. I would also wash all the clothes in the closet too. Now when the Spring comes , I suggest you move if its really that bad. Because If you tried all you can do Its time for the next option.
    Best of all to you….

  4. Kaye B

    Cheap and easy…SALT…get pool salt, it’s cheapest, and sprinkle it around every room, particulary the edges of the rooms, including in cupboards. It will not hurt any surface. Leave it a week then vacuum and sweep, shake it out. Repeat in 10 days, as it will not kill the eggs. After 2 X, you should be FLEE FREE>>>

  5. Upbeat

    Eucalyptus leaves will drive fleas right out of the house. We used to have problems with them, but we put eucalyptus leaves under the beds and the sofas and chairs. Took about four days to have a flea-free house, and no chemicals or cost involved.

  6. Wordpress Plugins

    Never needed to do this myself,but I read that at night if you fill a pie pan with water and hang a burning light bulb over it,fleas will jump at the light and fall in the water killing them. Don’t know if it works or not but it’s pretty cheap to test

  7. kg

    I also heard that you can take a flea collar, cut it up and place the pieces in your vacuum bag or canister … that way any fleas that you suck up in your vacuum while either die or be sterile (if they manage to find a way out of it).

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