I have a kitten who is 16 weeks She has bad case of fleas I have tried flea collars, that stuff you put on their backs, flea combs, and i have bathed her 3 times, nothing seems to work! It is very frustrating and i don’t want her to get bit anymore! So what is a product that works very good for killing fleas????


  1. Eilleen E

    First of all – get a flea comb – they are made specially. Take the kitten, and comb out the fleas while you are beside the bathroom sink filled with hot, soapy water. When you comb through the fleas, immediately dip the flea-filled comb into the soapy water to ‘kill’ the fleas – or they will just hop back onto you and the kitten.
    Keep your cat INDOORS – you will save money on vet bills.
    You do need to save money for a good flea treatment and spay or neuter. Thanks for caring.

  2. Harlena

    Your kitten is so young, are you sure she is old enough for flea products? You might have to bomb your home to get rid of those fleas and then in 30 days do it again to kill the eggs. You have to cover dishes and remove animals and their dishes. I was told by an exterminator who comes in our real estate office to use the original blue Dawn dishwashing liquid, he said to use it in my yard as well as bathe my animals with it.
    If you are using the flea stuff you buy in the stores they don’t work, atleast they never have for my 10 animals. Use frontline from your vet and they also have these little pills that you can give that kills all fleas in for 24 hours. You can’t give the pill to them repeatedly like everyday as I am sure it is harmful. Hope this helps.

  3. WP Robot Autoposter

    Any of the ones you get from your vet are good (Advantage, etc) Don’t buy the cheap ones from the pet store, they can poison your cat. Also, you should buy them from your vet so you know they aren’t counterfeit products.

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