My 4 month old kittens have fleas and we don’t know what to do about them. Can I have your opinion.


  1. Tigger

    Poor babies!
    I had the same problem when I brought my young cats home as kittens.
    What you want to do is get them dipped, then either board them for the day or close them in a flea-free room while you treat the rest of the house: Those fleas are bound to have laid eggs by now.
    1)Wash everything that is washable.
    2)Vacuum and if you can shampoo your furniture and carpets. If you can’s shampoo, sprinkle borax on the effected area and let it sit at least 20 minutes before you vacuum.
    3) Keep vacuuming every day for at least two weeks to get up any new fleas and flea eggs.
    4) Put Frontline or a comparable product on your kittens to continue repelling fleas.
    5)Consider feeding your kittens garlic and brewer’s yeast.
    Good luck!

  2. Mrs LK

    Get some frontline on it, I always use this on my dog and cat and I always have a flea-free house.
    You will need to get these from your vet, they come in a 3 or 6 dose pack, the 3 dose pack is about £20 but believe me its worth every penny. Each dose kills fleas and their eggs for up to 2 months but if ticks are a problem you will need to treat the cat every month.
    As for the wormers, again get them off your vet as these will kill all worm infestations. The ones that can be bought from shops are not effective as they wont kill all types of Worms

  3. Killerti

    Fighting fleas calls for a multi-front attack.
    Use Frontline or some other one-a-month flea fighter on your kitties. Do talk to the vet about whether or not it is OK to put this on cats that are so young.
    Brewer’s yeast – also called nutritional yeast – will make them unappetizing to fleas. Cats love it so you don’t have to force it on them; just mix it with their most food. To keep the fleas off you, use garlic. Garlic powder will do, and it won’t give you “death breath.”
    Sprinkle flea powder where they sleep. Vacuum frequently to get rid of eggs and fleas lurking in your carpeting and rugs. Fleas spend 90% of their time off your pets (and you). Put flea powder in the vacuum bag to kill the fleas before they escape.

  4. chocomic

    Well I am a vet a i am telling you to go see a vet. We have a special medicane you can applie once a month that will stop the fleas. TRUST ME!

  5. dawn_myh

    You should talk to your vet and see what he or she tells you about how to get rid of fleas, one way would be to put frontline on them but I donot know if you can put it on kittens you should check into it first before you put it on them.

  6. ales

    Fleas are a major pest. There are various species of fleas – cat fleas, dog fleas, rat fleas and rabbit fleas.
    You can get rid of them by the safest and cheapest methods like boric acid.

  7. devil_an

    you have two choices 1.take your cat to the vet to get a fle shot he or she will never get them again.2.give them a hot bath

  8. hotmama

    Bathe them with Ivory soap and rinse them really thoroughly. For the final rinse put some Skin So Soft by Avon in a pitcher of warm water and pour over them. Pat dry and that will kill all the fleas on them. But you will have to get some flea bombs and flea spray and treat your house and where the puppies are kept becase if the puppies have fleas so does your house and maybe your yard. By the way, spray your yard also so they don’t get infested again.

  9. ????????

    I have Siamese too and I use (very successfully) Vantage Flea medicine. You apply it from a small tube between the shoulder blades–it’s liquid every month. Before doing the flea medicine though you need to bath them thoroughly–don’t use flea shampoo–just soapy water. After putting the Vantage on–it’ll take a day or two. Vacuum often to get rid of them in your carpets. After the 1st treatment, it’
    s a breeze to keep them flea-free.

  10. Maddie S

    get flea medichince for the cats and then take you and your cats and any thing else living in your house (goldfish don’t have to leave)and maybe by a flea bomb and set it out when you get home in 1-2 hrs there will be no fleas i promise.

  11. Çåŗőľîņẫ

    Your best bet would be to go by your local vet’s office and get some flea medication. I would not recommend you buying any medication from any store, as the store bought medications have been proven to make cats sick and can be fatal to cats. Your cats will probably need to have a check-up with your vet because by them having fleas, it is possible they may have a tapeworm. Humans can also get tapeworms from cats with fleas. If your cat has fleas and has ingested an infected flea, he/she more than likely has the parasite.

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