I would like a natural, safe, economical way to treat fleas on my outside dog. I have tried Sevin dust, and it was not too effective.


  1. Mr. Ed

    Is your dog a hippie? You can try to bath the dog with a shampoo of your choice and let the suds/lather sit on the dog for about 5 minutes…this will tend to starve fleas of air. It may not get all of the fleas but it should make a serious dent.

  2. eejonesa

    Hi Berdie,,,,,, look take it from me,,, i have 4 dogs and 9 cats,,,,,
    go to the vets office and get …. Frontline,,,, it may cost a little but it works for a month or more,,,,,,i promise you…..
    good luck

  3. Lenny C.

    There are several natural ways tohandle this !.) is to buy catnip and simmer it for tea cool some and spray to work on cockroaches. Bugs won’t come around Bay Leaves-no stink. try theses two and let me know how it works and what kind of dog yours is. Good Luck. See if you can catch Calling All Pets on the radio from 2 to 3:00 p.m. on Fridays up here and they answer quesstions or at least let them be heard on the air. You will never get rid of them without debugging the area AND his bed plus its a good idea to watch and see if you can find where he pick up these little friends. I like Teatree oil but can cause ittatation to some people so there is the rub.

  4. skyeblue

    If you give the dog enough garlic, it may help. But, unless you grow it yourself, it may be less expensive to go ahead and get Frontline for once a month treatment. If you can’t afford to buy the pack of 3-6, just get one pill a month from your Vet. Most sell it this way and there are a lot of people on fixed incomes who need to purchase just one pill a month.

  5. dumpling

    I have just read that if you put a small ammount of vineggar in thier drinking water it repels tics and fleas,about a couple of large spoonfuls should do

  6. VarmintH

    Unfortunately, I have found none of the so-called natural treatments to be effective. Washing your dog with shampoo stuns the fleas which can then be picked out with tweasers. Other than that, you’re best off using something like Frontline.

  7. cameron b

    sprinkle brewers yeast on the dry dog food daily the fleas do not like the smell the dogs skin emits after digesting the yeast ( its like garlic to humans others smell it but you dont) you wont smell it from yur dog but the fleas will. unfortunatly you have to build it up for about 2 wks before it begins to work so yu should look at getting rid of fleas first then prevent reocurring infestation with the yeast. use frontline,

  8. Protagon

    There’s a product called De Flea and it is a natural flea treatment safe for puppies, kittens, weaning mothers, and sick and aging animals.It’s not typically very expensive considering how much you get per bottle. It comes in a spray and shampoo, and the spray can also be used for upholstered surfaces as well as your pet.

  9. chelsea-

    i would try just bathing him….. or squirting him down with a hose.
    if i were you i would go to the pet store and they have little packets of oil that u squeeze out on its neck 1 a month and they should start clearing up.

  10. Susan

    How long does it take for the brewers yeast/garlic/vinegar to work? I gave my dog a bath but didn’t leave the lather on long enough so it’s rinse repeat! The chemicals some of you have mentioned cause organ damage and neurological disorders. Don’t want to go there.

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