My good friend managed to get millions of fleas in my friends home and they are in the carpets and basement, she has tried all types of flea powder, salt, sprays, bombs, nothing seems to work at all, anyone have a perfect answer?


  1. doodlera

    Use the sprays and stuff but here are some other things that will help! I had done these myself! Desperation makes you do crazy things!
    Here are two crazy methods that also help..they are so weird though!
    1. Place banana PEELS on plates around the house on the floors. I mean everywhere. Let them get really nasty. Fleas eat them and die, bananas kill fleas.Don’t know why. You will notice dead fleas around the bananas.Toss then Repete.
    2. Also at night make sure EVERY light is off…I mean every light! Put a desktop lamp (like a green bankers lamp) over a shallow pan of soapy water( NOT IN THE WATER, BE CARE FUL ABOUT THIS PART) in the middle of the room on the floor. Fleas are attracted to the light and warmth and drown. Stupid but also works.
    3. WASH all pets at least 3 times a week until all fleas are gone.
    4. Empty Vacume Cleaner Bag every time!
    5. Wash Linens a lot! They get into your bedspread! Oh Fun Fun!
    Good Luck!

  2. Floyd B

    It wouldn’t be cheap but you could call a pest company.
    Call one anyway. They may give you a possible cost or maybe even some hints.
    Another way would be to set off bug bombs.
    From basement to attic, be sure to use as recommended.
    As another person said you must treat out side also.

  3. joshated

    well before i had carpet i just put a light over a small tub of soapy water and vacumed every couple of days that took care of the little jerks in about 2 weeks.
    the light attracts the fleas with heat i belive and the soap in the water kills them and any other bugs around. i know leave the light and soapy water out all the time. also your friend will have to get advantix or similar flea drops for any pets.

  4. Amy

    get flea bomb enough of them thou, its like 1 per room for like 4-6 hours my aunt had the same problem that worked

  5. l8ntpian

    flea bombs work, but your not gonna find em in ca except in little hole in the wall dollar marts or country hardwares.
    spray outside as well and dont skimp on bombs or spray.
    also a good vacuum. i enjoy the bagless type, because i love to sand the little bastards in the cyclone effect. would you believe after 30 mins in the cyclone, it doesnt seem to hurt them.

  6. Calypso Draggon

    You HAVE to make sure you kill as many around your house as possible. If they’re in your house, they’re in your yard and if you kill them in the house, they’ll still be in the yard. Get spray killer (that attaches easily to a garden hose) from Wal-Mart for not too much.
    Keep doing the same things you’ve been doing. Or wait till winter and don’t keep the heat on. They can’t really survive the cold that well.

  7. Dusty

    I saw in this on oprah and helped my sister use it when she move.. it really works! First use a fleas fogger, you can get at any dept store… follow the rules on the can. After that put a flea collar for dogs in you vacuum bag, it kills all the fleas you vacuum up so they dont just escape and go back to the carpet.
    Hope this helps…

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