I have a dog that might be pregnant. We live accross from the beach and we are constantly battling sand fleas. We usually use Frontline 2X a month, and a flea bath once a week, but neither of these are safe for a pregnant dog. Any suggestions???


  1. Todd C

    him him her garlic large amounts it does something to the blood and they don’t like it. But your dog will have the worst breath

  2. flaiviou

    I think you might clean the dog’s fur with water and vinegar but because she is pregnant you should check with a vet.

  3. Hott Mama

    If it is a long haired dog you are screwed. If not, you can use lice shampoo and a comb to get the fleas off of her and keep herin the house as much as possible. Fleas can kill a newborn puppy so it is best to get rid of them before they are born. When the puppies are born, just pull the fleas off of them if they get them.

  4. Lauren M

    Advantage is safe to use on pregnant dogs. Get some from your vet. Also!! Flea baths strip the topical flea preventives from your dog’s skin. One reason the Frontline may not be controlling the fleas alone is BECAUSE of the extra flea baths! When you use the topical flea preventives, you should use a SOAP FREE shampoo. Use the preventives at least every month, but more often as needed. Also, surround your property with diatomaceous earth and powdered sulfer to kill and repel fleas. It will at least help control some of the fleas in your immediate environment.

  5. sitwithu

    Put just a small amount of vinegar in the dogs drinking water,not enough to spoil the taste. Do this every day, it will get into his system, Fleas hate it!

  6. Melissa N

    I would just use a flea shampoo and I know my vet. would say you are using too much of the frontline and a flea bath. It can be very deadly to pets if used to much. It is chemicals and it is not very safe to use for prolong period. I would still ask a vet. Good Luck!

  7. chris99

    It may make her a little gassy but you can try a teaspoon of garlic in her food everyday. Fleas hate garlic and they should hop off but you need to bomb your house to kill them.

  8. wishbone

    hi,.,. my dog has the same problem,.,. the vet, gave me cream to apply its safe,.. ask your vet,.,. the dog will thank you,.,.
    good luck,.,. merry christmas

  9. Kelly + Eternal Universal Energy

    NO!!! The packages of ALL flea meds (which are pesticides) tell you not to ever use on pregnant or nursing dogs or dogs that may become pregnant. If you are battling sand fleas there is no problem as they do not stay on the animal. Only Dog or Cat fleas stay on your pet, sand fleas only bite when they are on the sand. Also it is dangerous to use frontline twice a month because it is a seriously potent pesticide and should only be applied ONCE monthly and not in conjunction with another different flea pesticide bath. It is highly dangerous to use such a large amount and variety of deadly chemicals on one dog and I would suggest you cut down on it alot and maybe try spreading Diatomaceous earth where the sand is to kill the fleas where they live instead of exposing your dog to so many chemicals on a regular basis. No offence intended…

  10. Ali

    I am in the same boat. I have a Saint Bernard whom maybe pregnant. Our vet said NO to flea shampoo and flea meds. I am trying to get rid of fleas to…it sucks!!

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