I am fostering a catahoula/sheperd mix and he had been living in a shelter for 3 years so he doesn’t have any idea on how to play or learn any obedience words. I wish to purchase a good dvd, simple and direct to the point. Nothing too expensive or too complicated.


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    I would suggest “It’s me or the dog” by Victoria Stillwell She has a TV show I watch every morning. I’ve used a lot of her tricks and the little mutt my DIl brought with her that was driving us all crazy is behaving like a perfect little angel. I’m even learning to like her. (The dog).
    It is based on positive reinforcement. and has tackled some of the worst dog problems I’ve ever seen.
    *It’s me or the dog* In on animal planet. around 6 am.

  2. Annie

    watch the Dog Whisperer, or get his books. he might have some dvds out now. but he’s fantastic with dogs, highly recommended.

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