I just got two puppies, but it turns out they have fleas. What could I use to get rid of them quickly?


  1. Katslookup - a Fostering Fool!

    I wouldn’t wash the puppies in flea shampoo. The pesticide in the shampoos are usually the bottom of the ladder quality and safety! It could cause skin reactions in your puppies.
    If they are older than 8 weeks old, I would go with a Capstar. This is a pill that will kill all the fleas on the puppies within 30 minutes and keep killing for 24 hours. You get this pill from the vet’s office. I would also go with Frontline or Advantage to continue to keep fleas off the pups!
    And NEVER use Sevin Dust on any living creature! If you read the label is tells you that it is not safe for animals or humans to touch!

  2. Meggzz *no longer on Y!A*

    Try using Adavantage, Advantix, or Frontline. They’re all great products that get rid of fleas and ticks within 24 hrs. Not only that, but it repels fleas and ticks for up to a month. It’s a topical treatment:
    Advantix: http://www.1800petmeds.com/K9+Advantix-p…
    Personally, I prefer Advantage on my dog because it works better than Frontline. :] However, if you live in a heavily wooded area or an area that has more ticks than fleas, I would use Advantix.
    Good luck with your puppies! :]

  3. little moments

    You could find shampoo that kills fleas and their eggs. I use one that sais skip flea on it. You can literally see the fleas falling off and dying. You could also but a thin comb brush that you use to comb out the fleas and kill them. You can buy one of those at any pet store and most supermarkets. You can also get a medicine like Frontline which helps to prevent fleas. But you need to make sure that you get one that is safe for their age.

  4. TobyandL

    Check with the vet because different things work for different ages. There is a treatment, just a pill, that is called Comfortis but I dont know what age you can give it to them……..check with your vet…..it works well.

  5. Hayley

    well, buy the shampoo for fleas. if that doesn’t work, then soak the dogs either in lemon or viniger.(Fleas hate both) or try the flea coller!:3

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