1. stumpymo

    1>>> Use frontline on your dog
    2>>> Steam clean your carpets.
    3>>> Buy a textile collar for your dog
    1/2 teaspoon alcohol (Essential oils)
    1 drop cedar wood oil
    1 drop lavender
    Mix with the contents of four garlic capsules
    1 drop citronella
    1 drop thyme oil
    Soak the collar in this mixture, allow it to dry then put it on your dog.This will repel fleas. Re soak it every month.
    4>>> There is a tablet called prgram, it’s basically a birth control pill for fleas. You give one to your dog once a month & it makes the fleas infertile thus breaking the life cycle. There is also a program injection,I think that lasts 6 months.
    If you do all this, you should stay flea free without having to use the frontline again.
    It’s not good to keep using chemicals on your dog & home because they could be carsonagenic.

  2. betty b

    use frontline on your dog it will kill remaining fleas.not now though since you shampooed him. might hurt him -try sprinkling borax on carpet.i heard it was good for killing fleas in the yard.

  3. lighthou

    Fleas need to eat, they will eat by getting back on the dog. You can try to flea bomb the house, but if you don’t get a flea protection like Frontline or Advantage you will still have fleas. These actually kill the larva, egg, pupa, adolescent and adult fleas on the dog. The bombs only kill active adult fleas not the eggs. We have two dogs and had the same problem spend over 100 bucks to try and correct it with bombs and such, they didn’t work. I got frontline and in two months treatment, on the dogs, no more fleas of any kind!!!! I hope this helps.. Good Luck!!!

  4. florence

    Vacuum up the fleas, eggs etc. burn the paper bag liner. Got rid of a terrible plague like this!

  5. wafflegu

    They sell these things called bombs, like a walmart or target in pet dept, it comes in cans and you have to cover all your food and bathroom stuff, then you release it and you have to leave your house for like 3 to 4 hrs. It will say on directions….

  6. nyskip19

    put a night light on the wall with a bowl of water under it the fleas migrate towards the light fall into the water and it for awhile and eventually they go away…

  7. musicnut

    Type pest control products in Google. You will get a variety of companies that sell professional pest control supplies to the public. Look in one and find an aerosol called Precor. It will be expensive compared to the junk you buy at the store. Follow the directions on the can. I was a pest control tech for some time. This is what we used to treat for fleas. It is very effective, has little smell and kills the eggs which is the key to getting rid of fleas. Make sure you get the aerosol. The liquid has to be mixed and used in a sprayer. The aerosol is more convenient and does the same thing.

  8. tootie

    the best treatment for fleas in your carpet is table salt. yes i said table salt. after you vacuum your rug take the iodized table salt and sprinkle it on your carpet. the fleas can not breathe in table salt and it will not hurt your carpet or children. it is a safe and cheap way to treat for fleas

  9. Ark Lady

    Contrary to belief, flea bombs don’t work and post a very large risk.

    Another reason to not use flea bombs…$26,000 in damage!

    See this video on the triangle of successful flea control:

    or this one on seven flea control strategies:

    These should cover most of your question since you really have to treat all areas at
    the same time.

    Vacuum before you use any product or steam clean since that helps other methods to get to the eggs, larvae, and pupae more effectively.

  10. Cindy

    Will those flea chemical damage my furnuitures? I just moves into a beautiful apartment by the beach. I suspect that the previous tenant had a cat. I often feel many small little things touch my legs lightly or bited my legs, then ran away. My eyes can;t see them at all. My landlord is going to call extermninitor to spray chemical at my home. But I have too many furinture, decoration accessories, too many clothes? What should I do? I worry they will damage my stuff. I alos have a very expensive rug. I just brought into my new apartment. I don;t want chemical in my rug at all.

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