I’m getting a kitty next week and my hubby will go mad if it brings fleas home…it’s taken me all my time to persuade him to let me have it…help!


  1. krystine

    Indoor cats can still get fleas even if they never go outside! All the kitty needs is frontline or advantage. Frontline also protects against heart-worm and it only has to be used once a month!

  2. kittywee

    You did not say where you are getting your kitty from nor if this is to be an indoor kitty only. You don’t want to bring him/her home with fleas already on him, they are a pain to get rid of, specially this time of year. If possible, have the kitty treated with a good flea medicine a couple of days before you bring him home. I use Frontline but there are also some other good ones on the market. Flea shampoos are basically worthless, all you accomplish is getting the cat wet…Good luck!

  3. Fanomina

    The only way to completely keep him from getting fleas is to keep him indoors at all times.
    Otherwise, the only other solution is flea baths all the time.

  4. rexannac

    Flea bath as soon as he hits the door. He’ll hate it so watch the claws. Then Frontline, Advanticks, ect.

  5. Kimberly M

    you need to get her frontline or any flea treatment from the vet. Then, keep her as an inside cat.

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