I have sprayed my whole house with flea spray, washed all the bedding, used flea powder on the carpet and applied Frontline to every dog and still fleas persist. What do I do? Thanks in advance.


  1. Casie M

    Wow i am suprised that didnt work, I had a problem like that once, I took the dogs to the groomer and had them give them a bath and apply frontline on them while i flea bombed the house and that got rid of them. It might take the fleas a bit to go away though until they realize there is nothing to live off of anymore. Good luck with that though.

  2. benhogan

    Hartz (Black can) spray the dog. it will kill them all.
    Bug bomb in a can three to a pack. Ace Hardware.
    U must leave the house for 24 hrs. but it will kill every
    bug in the house. Spiders too!
    Hope this helps?

  3. Katslookup - a Fostering Fool!

    First let me tell you that I own a pest control company and what I will recommend is the complete treatment that should help you completely get rid of the fleas.
    First, treat the pet with Capstar. This is a pill that you get from the vet that will kill all of the fleas that get on the animal for the first 24 hours. Second, use either Frontline or Advantage, these can also be purchased from the vet. Frontline can be used on pets 12 weeks old or older. Advantage can be used on animals as young as 6 weeks. If the pet is old enough for either product, switch back and forth between the two. One month use one, the next use the other. The reason I recommend this is that there are two main types of fleas that infest pets. One product works better on the first type and the other product works better on the second type. By using both, you make sure you have covered all your bases.
    Once the pet has been treated, you must treat your home and yard. The best products to do this would include not only a killing agent, but also a sterilization agent. Inside, I would use Ultracide, if you can get it. (Many on line sites sell it.) Follow the instructions on the label! Wash all animal’s bedding and vacuum frequently. I WOULD NOT put any chemical in the vacuum bag or catch container, other than a flea collar. It is too dangerous to risk the vacuum accidentally spreading that chemical through the air. Throw out the vacuum bag or dump the catch container after every vacuuming. You can never vacuum too much! DO NOT STEAM CLEAN YOUR RUGS! This can hatch flea eggs and make your problem worse.
    Outside I would use Demon WP mixed with Gentrol or Nylar, carefully following label instructions. Treat the entire yard, paying special attention to under bushes and low hanging branches. Most of these products can be bought at any Do-It-Yourself Pest Control company either on line or in a store.
    Treating your house and yard is just as important as treating the pet!
    It is also very important to stay away from the grocery store or box store products like Zodiac or Hartz. Many of these products can cause severe allergic reactions in animals.

  4. pomegran

    Flea eggs can lie dormant for MONTHS in your house, so make sure you’re using a spray that kills the eggs in your house, not just the live fleas. Hartz makes a spray that lasts 120 days that is really cheap, about five dollars per bottle, and one bottle will treat a 12 by 12 room. Make sure to vacuum all you matresses, furniture, etc. To get rid of fleas for good, you need to keep treating the dog, the yard, and the house. Check and see if frontline kills the eggs or just the live critters.

  5. ppc coach

    Ohhhhh! I’m so glad you asked! In the laundry detergent isle they sell Borax, a laundry additive. (from $ 3.75- $4 a box) and table salt. Sprinkle the borax all thru the house, then the salt. You don’t have to treat anything. Then give it about one day or less, I did 3 to be sure!Then vacuum it up. I found this in Prevention magazine and I know it works!. Tell everybody!

  6. slinkeys

    With an infestation that bad, your best bet is to call the exterminator and have them bomb the house and treat the backyard.
    As for the dogs, nothing works better than bath with a pesticidal shampoo and after, a good going over with a flea comb. Apply Frontline or something similar after.
    You can give a little brewers yeast or garlic powder to help make your dogs taste bad to fleas.
    If you can’t bomb the house and treat the yard, I agree with the above posters about what products to use.
    Use them properly, vacuum DAILY, flea comb dogs DAILY, and wash bedding once or twice a week.
    Another clever trick is to get a shallow container, fill it with water and a little dish soap, then put it under a night light. Leave it overnight and you’ll catch a ton of the little buggers.

  7. petnurse

    You need to be sure you dump out your vaccuum cleaner bags, out of the house, as soon as you have vaccuumed. Also remember that flea eggs are everywhere and will hatch within 3 weeks of your first round of flea treatment. Do your pets go out where they can pick up new infestations from time to time? Flea extermination is a really nasty challenge, but stick with it. Also, you might want to try a new product out this year called Promeris – it is supposed to be more effective. This is the first year our clinic has offered it, so can’t say for sure yet, but it could be an answer. Good luck!

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