I saw this position advertised by a police department. Does anyone know the ‘title’ of this position. It was not ‘decoy’ or ‘subject’…


  1. jaybird5

    We just call them decoys.
    And no, it’s not a rookie or volunteer. Decoy work is usually done by the most experienced handler because of the nature of the training. The bite suit is not just a chew toy.

  2. ICONinja

    We use the name Decoy. In Europe they get paid huge money to “HELP” train the police dog and dogs that going to completion. They can make or break a dog in the long run. Check video search under French Ring and see 4 ur self. Good Luck.

  3. squidly leu

    He also plays goalie on the dept. hockey team ,the dog thing helps his game,and makes him meaner.One day he hopes to get a job with the Flyers and beat Hextals penality points.

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