I’ve determined that my dog has fleas… what would you recommend I use to get rid of them? Would just shampooing with my normal dog shampoo work? There aren’t any other animals in the house besides my dog.


  1. Garnet

    Shampoos don’t work that well. Go to PetSmart and ask for the Healthy Fleas & Tick Package, it’s a 15 dollar add on on top of the dog’s breed price. They’ll explain to you what it has in the package. You need to spray your backyard to get rid of fleas, go to some store where they carry the stuff for it. Buy Advantix, don’t EVER buy the brand Hartz because those have been known to kill dogs.
    Flea collars don’t work because they only work on the neck, not on the body. Waste of money.

  2. Tinkerbe

    No, a normal dog shampoo would not work, you need to buy a flea shampoo. You also need to fix this problem quickly because they might spread to the other animals in the house and can also bite you. If you can not get the fleas under control then you should take your dog to the vet, and they might give you something better to try. Once you have it under control you should put a flea medication on all your pets so you won’t have to deal with the problem again.
    Hope this Helps!

  3. Meditation For Beginners

    I can’t believe the crazy home remedies like Dawn dishwashing liquid and flea shampoos and collars – people still don’t know that there are now terrific products like Frontline and Advantage that you put on your dog once a month and no more fleas.
    If your dog is infested go to the vet and get a pill called Capstar – that gets rid of fleas within the hour – then put on the topical liquid.
    All the home remedies in the world never kept dogs from having fleas until Frontline and Advantage came out —- why are some of you folks still living in the Dark Ages?
    Do you still use lye instead of soap — newspaper instead of toilet paper??? I doubt it, so why use flea “cures” that do more harm than good to the dog and only work on a few adult fleas – the larvae and eggs hatch and the dog has fleas all over again.
    A monthly topical on the back of the dogs neck does it all — Frontline Plus or Advantix keeps fleas AND ticks off the dog – no reason not to use this and end the flea problem permanently.

  4. Toni Rene'

    I actually saw on the internet some wheres one time that dawn dish soap works. I don’t know if it does. Worth a try. Or you can just go get the drops to put on their fur.

  5. CC

    Wash him with flea shampoo & then get frontline plus…it really works…also keep your grass cut really short, fleas dont like that.

  6. Diana Rose S

    well bathe ur dog every 2days or so….or have ur vet recomend the best flea ridding shampoo
    or a flea collar

  7. Don S

    Use Head and Shoulders dandruff shampoo. it kills fleas instantly. I used it on my cats and it works GREAT!!!

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