I am looking to purchase a dog, but I want to know what dog would be the smartest or the easiest breed to potty train?


  1. Reviews Best

    Housebreaking is not breed specific. A dogs’s success with housebreaking depends on your consistency. That being said I will say that a large to medium breed is usually faster and easier to housebreak than small or toy breed dogs because their bladders are smaller so more frequent trips are neccessary.

  2. Nathaly

    Dogs are like humans, they all have diffrent personalities.you cant really know what kind of personality you are taking home. your best bet is to research the dogs you like, and the discription will usually tell you their personality disposition

  3. Sandra

    All puppies are hard to train at first. It’s something new to them, but overall German Shepards are the easist dogs to train.

  4. Linkvana Review

    Any Small Dog Is Your Best Bet. We Breed Presa Canario’s & Pit Bulls. The Pit Bulls Wern’t Very Easy At all. But the Presa’s Were Fairly Easy. But Every Friend I’ve Had That Breeds Or Has Small Dogs Has Had an Easy Time Trying To Train Them. Just Don’t Leave the Dog Locked In the Cage For Long Hours. Keep Them Out & Things Will Be OK.

  5. K9 Companion

    Some are easier than others, but I don’t think it really is a breed thing….it is more of a personal thing….however I once bought a GS puppy who was whelped outside…..He never “went” in our home over the course of his entire life….in fact he slept on our front porch by his own request….he never left our yard…

  6. Nonexist

    I have a Jack Russell Terrier, and he’s so easy to teach anything to. However, he’s really hyper, needs lots of attention, and can jump from the floor into my arms (I’m 6’4″) without any effort at all. If you don’t like those attributes and do like big dogs, I’d recommend a German Shepherd. They’re very smart, gentle, lovable, and easy to train.

  7. B

    I have a pug, and I love him so much but he’s kinda dumb and really hard to train. I’ve been reading that pugs are the most difficult to train, so don’t get a pug.

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