I just wanted to know what kind of info ya’ll would be interested in seeing on a dog training website.
I am going to be updating my webpage, with info about items that are toxic to dogs, children with dogs, and what really happens when a pet is given up by it’s owner or turned loose.
Your suggestions are greatly appreciated!


  1. ?

    Seperation Anxiety seems to be a common thread in adopted/rescued dogs. A lot of people, including me, had no clue how to correct this behavior and it’s very frustrating because not only does the owner not know what to do, but the neighbors and landlords get fed up pretty quickly due to the noise and the barking.
    I think Seperation Anxiety and Crate Training are the first two things people should read up on after knowing the ins and outs of the breed (which should be done prior to adoption).

  2. norman77

    I would like to see some GOOD.. GOOD sound advice on various things about training dogs.. i.e. how to keep dogs from “riding” someone’s leg; control barking; urininating on the rug; how to obey the master; etc.. Yes. there are many sites but none that really give sound specifics…. based on knowledge and experience

  3. jjd12353

    Hi I’m not really answering your question, but Ii was wondering if you know of any place where I can learn to train service dogs for the disabled. I already know all the obedience stuff, but looking for more details in service dog area. Even books would help. Thanks in advance, Jill

  4. theophil

    All of that would be great. Especially the part about giving a pet up or turning it loose.
    Something about neglect would help too. There are questions on here that just fry me. One person wrote in to the effect that their dog whines all the time. It doesn’t enter her mind that the fact that they leave their part Border Collie alone and in a kennel most of the time is the cause. Different breeds need different care.
    Another one wrote in to ask if it was okay to give his dog ham! Ham/pork is out. It is never an ingredient in any dog food, but everyone answered that it was ok.
    Does this help?

  5. crissyk2

    I have searched the internet for good potty training tips, and I am always looking for tricks to teach my little pomeranian. He learns so fast but I don’t have any ideas on what else I can teach him. He dances, sits, lays down, rolls over, gives kisses on demand, and hoolas (jumps through my daughters hoola hoop), but I am clueless on other tricks to teach him. So I think that would be awesome to have on your site.

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