My poor Shih-Tzu had a flea and I read on here that mixing water and peppermint spray will keep the fleas away. Anyone know how much to mix? Also what dosage of garlic to give dogs for flea problems?


  1. Tiff

    Some experts believe that garlic can be bad for dogs, possibly even fatal.
    Put your dog on a monthly topical preventative such as Frontline or K9 Advantix and you will not have any more problems.

  2. Wordpress Plugins

    What ratio of sense to cheapness do you have? 1) garlic is bad for dogs, 2) peppermint oil is worthless to fleas and potentially irritating to skin and mucous membranes. Stick with your vet’s advice, unlike the morons out here the vet knows what he/she is talking about. Cough up for the Frontline.

  3. boxerpit

    The best and most effective treatment for fleas is Advantage by Bayer Co. You can get this from your vet. DO NOT use the generic forms of Advantage (such as Hartz or Defend – these ARE NOT effective and pets have been known to have reactions from the Hartz product). Advantage from your vet is safe and will rid you of your flea problem within 12 hours and one application will last for 30 days! You can not beat it!!
    J. Smith, Animal Control Officer

  4. shannonz

    frontline – all the way- it’s engineered for dogs, the peppermint and garlic things, don’t work, don’t last, amnd yes, garlic is not good for dogs as once thought it was

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