It’s going to be dog training, dog & cat grooming, pet boarding, animal rescuing, as well as fish and birds for sale. I want something catchy and unique (not cheesy or childish) and with my name in it, like Renee_________, etc. The best name will get the 10 points!


  1. Independent Laydee

    —Renee’s Every Pet Stop (or Shop)
    —Renee’s Ultimate Pet Palace
    —Renee’s Pet Paradise
    —Renee’s and the Pet Place
    —Renee & Pets
    That should give you a few good ideas!

  2. pupgrann

    How about ” Renee’s Pets ” ? Or “Renee’s Pet Corner” or “Renee’s Pet Shop” Keep it simple.
    Since you’re really trying to be a store, a grooming parlour, and a boarding kennel, as well as a rescue, it’s pretty hard to get it all in one name. “PetSmart” does all the same things, under just that name.
    Check out my profile. I have a different name, for each breed, and our families rescue. But it sounds like you’re going to be renting or owning a retail storefront, so you need something that people can find, and remember the name of.

  3. Fur and Fiction

    How about “Reneseme”. (Kidding)
    It sounds like you’re going to be handling a lot, so the title should outline your business in its entirety. Something like “Renee’s All-Purpose Pets”.

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