I just got 2 kittens that are 6 or 7 weeks old and they have fleas. All flea products at the store are for kittens 12 weeks and older. What to do?


  1. Y

    Tell your vet and he should give you something for young kittens. If not then go to petco or petsmart and ask one of the people that work their. When i my pets(1 cat and 1 dog) my cat had fleas and he was 10 weeks and my vet gave me something for him. Dont forget to vacume where they sleep and stay alot. Spray their bed with spray to kill fleas ( available at any petco/petsmart). Dont let them outside because they might be from there. Hope this helped.
    Ps: if you vet doesnt give you anything then you can give him a bath( it can be very hard though) with some tear free, shampoo for sensative skin. Soap kills fleas. You can also comb him with a flea comb.

  2. {{vP}}

    Just try to wash them off w/ water. Grab some gloves for yourself & take the rest off w/ tweezers.

  3. Karen H

    Go to your vet and get some “Revolution” for kittens. You put it on the skin of the back of the neck. Safe for kittens over 6 weeks old…and it kills fleas, ticks, worms, and about 5 more things. It is applied once a month. Just do it! You’ve got to get rid of the fleas…they can make little kittens anemic and sick. I use it monthly on my outside cat, and had to put it on a kitten a few months ago. No reaction to the med. But, the vet did say if the kitten started to have a reaction (itching, etc), just wash the medicine off the site with DAWN dish detergent. Hope this helps.

  4. Aimee H

    I would trying bathing them with baby shampoo. Water and soap will kill most of the fleas.
    Tip to bathing. spray water around the neck first. This keeps the fleas from flocking to the kittens head where you will not be able to spray.
    With kittens so tiny make sure you keep their nostrils clear of water. You may have to do this a while til you get them all. Make sure you change the bedding and clean out the box or bed it is sleeping in.

  5. 3595

    There’s a brand called “Johnsons 4fleas” that you could probably buy quite cheaply on ebay. You get three or six in a pack, usable from 4 weeks plus, and they’re safe to give as often as you think you should. One tablet kills all fleas within 24 hours.
    Do not forget to deflea everything, because flea eggs stay in carpets etc. and they’ll just come straight back.

  6. peter k

    No please do not try to remove the fleas with any home remedies if you value your kittens at all. Take them to the vet and also take the cat who they got the fleas from

  7. Fay

    Frontline Cat is the best flea remover, but as your kittys are so young I would get a vets advice first, I dont think you can use Frontline on kittens until they are 9 weeks old. A vet will give you something to get rid of the fleas after all he/she is the expert/

  8. pruittro

    Now believe it or not I have had this same problem with my kittens and the only thing I have found that works , and yes I used it on my kittens was lemon Dawn dish detergent. It has something in it that actually kills the fleas without harming your kittens. My kitten Grayson is a living testament to this.
    Try it and you too will discover it works.

  9. Support ♥Kym♥

    Buy a comb used for head lice. Comb through your kittens and kills the fleas that you comb out. You should be able to kills them with tweezers while they’re still on the comb. Kittens are so small that it wont take long. The comb will also remove any baby fleas that haven’t hatched. This has worked for me for years.
    Hope this helps. Good Luck…

  10. Nathan Roberts

    You can get them a flea bath at a vet or pet store. I would recommend using Borax laundry booster powder on your floor to kill fleas in your home. It really works and is very inexpensive . Those RAID sprays add up! Good luck

  11. katliket

    Frontline is for cats and kittens 8 weeks or older.
    I just waited until mine were old enough, though they didn’t have many..I split one tube between them and their momma last week (they were 9 weeks old.)
    I did a search and found this website — http://www.productreviewspage.com/5.html
    I’d ask a vet before doing anything, though.

  12. rebelaut

    take them to a vet.. since they are still kittens the vet might have to use a special formulated bath or use a towel to rub the solution on them.. its just safer to take them to a vet clinic

  13. Chalice

    The reason the pet store products say only for 12 weeks and over is that they’re extremely unsafe and shouldn’t even be used on adult cats – so never use them
    Get a proper treatment from the vets. Frontline, Advantage and Revolution etc can be used from 8 weeks of age onwards. In the mean time, you can get Frontline Spray from your vets – this is safe to use on puppies and kittens from 2 days of age. It’s safe, and it works.
    People on here are going to tell you to wash the kittens, probably in Dawn dish soap. Don’t. Apart from being unpleasant for their skin, it isn’t going to solve the flea problem – it may wash some off, but it won’t prevent them so the cats will get reinfested quite soon. Trying to comb them off is also pretty much a waste of time. Just get the Frontline spray.

  14. Isabella

    A veterinarian will recommend Frontline or Advantage, both of which have special formulas designed for kittens 6 weeks and older depending on the weight of the kitten. Along with this, depending on how long the kittens have had fleas, they will most likely need to start a one-time de-worming treatment.
    Along with both of those, a capstar pill kills fleas within 30 minutes and is relatively cheap at your vet, but only lasts a day. I strongly recommend getting these from your vet, as they will know whether or not the product is safe. None of the vets I have spoken to have recommended medications or treatments from stores like Wal-Mart because of the pets reaction to them.
    Good luck~

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