No, i’m not taking a dog to be trained myself… i offered myself as a volunteer and i got a couple of replies back saying that they could use my help.
I have never been to a dog training session, so i was just wondering what kind of tasks you think they might give me being neither an owner or an instructor.


  1. ☼HNC☼

    My trainer has assistants that help him to check the dog’s collars (to make sure they are fitted properly), brew coffee (lol), “fetch” treats from the cupboard to drop in front of the dogs when teaching/practicing food refusal, act as distractions (walking by and snapping fingers, etc). All sorts of fun stuff!
    I hope you like it! I did the same thing, and am now apprenticing under my trainer, to become one myself!

  2. jen

    You could do any number of things. Like hold a dog when trying to teach a recall (come when called). You may hold a dog while the owner cleans up any messes that the dog makes. You will probably assist in training the dog whatever you may be working on.

  3. Mandy aka Dane-A-Holic

    Maybe clean up pee-pee and poo-poo when the doggis make messes? Jk. Anyway it sounds kinda cool actually. I love that kinda stuff.

  4. rescue member

    Why don’t you ask the people who took you up on your offer to help? I am sure it differs, depending on what help is needed.
    You can help clean up after the dogs, get them water, eventually help train them I imagine after you learn how it is done.

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