I was just given a Kitten and a little while after I got it home I noticed It scraching itself so I checked and sure enough it had fleas…now there is flea dip, powder, collars, to kill the fleas but its just a baby. well 8 weeks they said. I need to know what is the best way to get rid of them. I dont want my house infested.


  1. heteroph

    Frontline is gentle enough to use on kittens 8 weeks and older. you should be able to buy it either from a vet or from a pet store like PetCo or Pet Smart. don’t use flea collars b/c they irritate their neck and make their hair fall out.

  2. c d

    Don’t use over the conter flea produts. My vet told me that it is very harmful for the cats. Try Avon Skin So Soft that will not harm the kitten. Or take the kitten to the vet. Baby shampoo does work. I use it on my cats.

  3. Victoria

    Take the kitten to the vet.
    She needs vaccinations, anti-worm medication, and a physical.
    Once she’s old enough (ask the vet when), I recommend anti-fea drops. You put them on her back, and she’s flea-free for 3 months. Easy-shmeezy.
    Collars tend to rub the fur away around the neck.

  4. Beckee

    My sister–a teacher with way too many critters–recommends bathing them with Lemon Joy dish-washing detergent.

  5. watergli

    you can get Revolution for kittens. It works very well. Anything you buy over the counter will be too strong for the kitten and could cause a very bad allergic reaction or even death. Talk to your vet about getting the Revolution for kittens, it also prevents Heartworms and all kinds of other parasites along with fleas. Great stuff. Good luck! 🙂

  6. princswa

    Believe it or not, Johnson’s Baby Shampoo will not harm her and the fleas will literally fall off of her while you are rinsing it off. They have something at the vet’s office for fleas on young kitties. Good luck! Tha baby shampoo WILL work!

  7. momwith2

    since it is a new kitten you will be wanting to take it to the vet for a check up and vaccines. he can give drops that you put on the back of the kittens neck and shoulder area . it kills fleas and prevents reinfecting.

  8. CATHY M

    There is a powder called Seven (not sure of the spelling) in your drug stores in the insecticide dept. You can use it on vegetables on the day you pick them. It is also for flea control on your animals, it is o.k. to use on a 8 week old kitten. Powder the heck on it and keep it off your rugs on a hard floor so when the fleas are coming off they don’t lay eggs or party and multiply….

  9. Felix

    well you can take him to a vet but there is a flea medicen that you can but to put on the kitten. you can buy it at wallmart, kmart, pet stores and just about any place that is a big store. or you could get rubbing alchohol, sit your kitten down and pick the fleas off and put them in the rubbing alchohol and they will die.

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