What is a good time when a dog best absorbs everything in his brain? I’m planning of using the clicker technique to train my puppy, which would be a good time?


  1. Sabina

    As early as possible. I started training my dog when he was 8 weeks old. By 12 weeks, he was walking on a leash and would sit and speak.

  2. neonoran

    The earlier the better, many of your local pet stores will have training classes for puppys to not only learn tricks but learn socialization skills.
    If your dog is not introduced to other dogs and people early it can be wary of them and this is harder to break as they get older.
    As for the tricks part they can learn at any age, but the earlier you begin to teach them the faster they will pick up on new things you want to teach them later.
    I am a dog trainer and in my one dogs first year of life he learned to sit, laydown, bow, rollover, play dead, stand, jump, speak, and shake. He also learns tricks much faster than my other dog who because of my conflicting schedule I could not spend as much time training his first year. He takes about twice as long to pick up on a trick as the other one.
    Happy training!!

  3. seo consultant

    As soon as you bring him home.
    You can work on potty training immediately, as well as name recognition, sit and come.
    Don’t overwhelm him, but you should work with your puppy everyday – exercise and training sessions.

  4. 1 1

    All dogs are going to have to learn some kind of dog training. They need to learn to be obedient to you.
    It’s never too early or too late to train a dog. If you have just brought a puppy, then puppy training is great, the younger the better! But whatever the age of your dog, you can teach him to obey your command.
    Don’t waste your time and gas taking your dog to the obedience school. There are web sites available on the internet that can give you quick and easy steps on dog training for obedience. Besides training this should be a play time with your dog. Both you and your best friend should enjoy it to the fullest. While you are getting rid of your dogs bad habits, such as barking, chewing, jumping.
    When selecting the web site on dog training for obedience there are few thing that you need to consider:
    1 Find Reliable Sources
    The internet is full of ebooks. As with any other type of media, some of them are good and some are not so good. The best way to find the right crate training ebooks to use with your canine training is to look in reliable places.
    2 How easy is to use the site
    Make sure that site is easy to use and to navigate through. At the same time make sure that instructions are easy to understand. You can check the user rating and it will give you review from current members.
    3 Excellent Customer Service Support
    Make sure that they offer good support in case you have questions, need help, asking for advise.
    Depending on what you are looking for, and what you are interested in you may be able to find sites that have e-book and a few additional features and bonuses. This may be enough if you just want to teach your dog basics. On the other hand, if your dog has already developed a few bad habits, I would recommend the site with little more than just basics.

  5. ambular

    usually about 5 months but it all depends on the dogs personality. you need to start the potty training ASAP. . NEVER EVER EVER WAIT PAST A YEAR!! if its a hyper dog then you may want to wait till it matures a couple of weeks. dogs are like kids they develop habits that are hard to break and an attention spanned that doesn’t last long, for example: if you give your dog table scraps then he thinks its OK to beg because you’ve allowed him. if you never gave him table scraps then he wont ever ever know. you have to be in control in every situation, every animal has to test its boundaries don’t ever let him be the boss.

  6. indronil s

    It will be better as fast as you can take him or her to a trainer.
    You can make some search on yahoo or google to find trainers in your locality.
    To know more you can visithttp://lovingdog.blogspot.com

  7. Agilitys

    You can start clicker training your puppy as soon as you bring them home. Of course sessions should be very short (2-5 minutes. Find a good puppy training class or buy a good book on the subject.
    The breeder I got my puppies from (I have littermates) started their clicker training sessions before I got them at 8 weeks! Just be patient and positive reinforcement only please! Good luck and have fun.

  8. Bop It

    puppies can begin training at a very young age, even learning to sit at the age of 3months. Though, you will find that most professional trainers like to start training heavily from the age of 5months to a year and a half. Personally, I find training from the ages 6months to a year to work very well.
    Hope this helps,

  9. fuzuoko

    Yep, any age (unless we are talking only a few weeks old — infants). Puppies learn incredibly fast. Start!

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  11. John N

    Hi ,
    Well i found this really helpful guide ,its a really professional training called sit stay fetch , it teaches you how to train your dog by yourself , check it out at http://www.dogobediencetraining.co.nr , its a easy step by step videos and book Hope this helps you with your dog
    Good luck

  12. bookworm

    u want to start training asap because it’ll give the pup less time to develop bad habits. i’m not really a dog expert but most beings learn the most in the first few months of life and are able to soak in the most information. training right away will keep Puppy more occupied and interested so he/she is less likely to chew up every shoe u own out of boredom.

  13. Annie

    Now. Seriously, dogs learn great at any age, its easier on the human for them to start young, before they have learned bad manners and are too large to control. Good luck!
    *i’ve tried clicker training and it works wonders!*

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