i want to learn how to train my dog thanks for your help


  1. Chetco

    LOT of great sites. what are you trying to train him to do?
    Just do a Yahoo search, and you will find great advice from the world’s best treainers! All for free.
    Use the search phrases such as, ” Obedience training”
    “Clicker lessons” “Aggressive dog training” “train to fetch” etc…just anything you want to know..
    training a puppy..training an adult dog, etc

  2. MarianaB

    Also, you can post your questions and Dr. Jon will answer them directly to your email IF you wait patiently and if it is a popular topic, the answer might get posted on his website. Try it!

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  4. cagney

    if you want to properly train your dog, find a trainer and class that meets your training desires. not only will you learn how to train your dog. you will be shown and your dog will learn how to behave around other dogs and distractions. it is very important to teach a dog how to behave other places than just in it’s home environement. most training classes are around $100. please do not go to petsmart. you will only be wasting money.

  5. domain

    Join a Yahoo group that is for your breed of dog.. preferably an active one and ask a few questions plus reading what the others are talking about.
    I have 6 German Shepherds & Train in the sport of Schutzhund and belong to several different yahoo groups.
    GOOD LUCK http://360.yahoo.com/sewwoodyou

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