Also will putting salt water on the sofas,and coach kill fleas and their eggs. I have used dawn dish washing liquid but I saw two more fleas walking on the dog, he got re-infested, though most of them did die.


  1. Ark Lady

    Using salt in the environment helps to kill fleas if used with diatomaceous earth (food grade from a health food store not pool stuff).
    Use after you vacuum (be sure to freeze the bag in plastic and then toss) just spread the mixture and leave down for a couple of days and vacuum again.
    You can use the diatomaceous earth as a natural flea powder but it is drying.
    Salt water doesn’t really help–using a water dip or shampooing for a minimum of 15 minutes will kill the fleas on a pet but not on surfaces.
    Don’t use harsh dish detergent–using a gentle oatmeal pet shampoo will work better and soothe a pet’s skin.
    Adult fleas are only part of a flea infestation…only 5%. You will need to treat the home and yard at the same time you treat the pet.
    Below are some links that may help.

  2. lonezuki

    Sprinkle food grade DE on him. Spread it thru your carpet and dog bedding, couches, everything. Get a new bag for your vacuum and Do a quick vacuum. Then change the bag. You can also sprinkle that stuff in your yard and everywhere.
    It will take a day or so and you will be free of fleas, ticks, along with any other ants, spiders, etc. in your yard or house.
    HOWEVER, that stuff will destroy your vacuum so make sure to change the bag often.
    DE is also known as Silicon Dioxide. It is not only safe for your pets, kids, you, but it actually has some health benefits. Some people use it as a dietary/vitamin/supplement. It will cleans your body of any kind of parasites in days, you can even put a spoonful of it in your dogs food and it will rid them of worms and brighten their coat.
    I see the person above me mentioned Seven, that’s great stuff for the outside, but it is 80 percent DE. The other stuff is hazardous to pets in large amounts and children as well. It will work like a charm though.

  3. gir'frin

    I have never heard of these methods. I would recommend a monthly treatment like drops. Frontline and Advantage are good brands (but I do NOT recommend BioSpot). My puppy is on Comfortis which is a newer product so the fleas haven’t had a chance to build up a tolerance to it yet, and it’s a tablet rather than a drop. It works really well – totally worth the money!!! I haven’t seen it in stores yet, but you can get it from your vet.
    To help get rid of fleas in your house try some of the sprays that can be bought in pet supply stores – they work pretty well. Also, Seven dust can be used for outdoor areas, places your dog lays, etc.
    PS- If you are worried about the cost, trust me- much cheaper to nip fleas in the bud w/ good products! And you can probably lay off the flea meds in the winter if you live in an area with cold winters!

  4. SBT lover - BSL hater

    Errr no. How about you buy a product that is designer to get rid of dog fleas? Come on, it’s not even expensive. You can get flea spay, flea collar, flea shampoo, flea tablets, stuff to treat furniture, etc. There’s no room for silly home remedies when a dog’s welfare is at risk.

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