No, absolutely not. I’ve found myself an excellent local trainer (with 20+ years of experience and very impressive credentials), who helps me by giving advise and coaching that is specific to me and MY dog. I pay HIM an annual membership fee for training assistance/coaching, apprenticing, and an all-access pass to his brain!


  1. ☼HNC☼

    Honesly? i wouldnt pay cause there are alot other pages as youtube .. just try some videolessons on dog training =)…

  2. Freddie

    As in get your training facts send to you via email???
    Not sure what your asking here and what they are.
    As for training classes i attend them, reading books and websites and tv are one thing but real hands on experience with a trainer there in front of you is the best thing.

  3. Berner Lover

    You can’t train, socialize your dog via internet….
    Find a local training center (not a pet store) and enroll….LOTS of fun!!

  4. berner mom

    i would not because i like to have some be right in front of me be able to ask Q’s and make shure im doing it all right

  5. superawe

    I would not. I belong to a dog training club. Instead of e-mail answers, I can ask someone face to face about a training problem. I have access to people with 30+ years of training and showing experience.
    My club dues are only $50 a year and I have access to the building anytime I want to train. I also instruct classes there.

  6. hunterdo

    I would only pay a fee to an actual human who could interact with myself and my dog. It’s much more useful, in my opinion, and you probably wouldn’t have to pay much more.
    There are plenty of sources of information on dog training all over the internet, if you are looking for the basics, that you can get for free. There are also plenty of books out there. 😛
    Of course, if you have absolutely NO trainers ANYWHERE near you, it could be useful. I think it would depend on how much they charged.

  7. how to become a notary

    If you can read a book or watch a video why not learn from the Internet? I believe in augmenting your training skills in all possible ways whether it is watching an on line video, listening to a pod cast, talking to real people in message boards, attending seminars, reading books and articles. I also believe you get what you pay for. A lot of things on the Internet are free but is the source reputable. I look for credentials and affiliations.

  8. tipzturt

    No. I would rather get my training information from a professional who I know personally, who knows my dog and my dog’s needs.

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