She promises all the answers to really good issues with obedience training for cairn terriers and dogs in general but she didn’t have ANYTHING anybody that’s ever seen a dog wouldn’t already know! I am constantly being bombarded with advertisements for the very information I paid her for! She brags a 120 Day “no questions asked” refund policy but won’t refund or answer emails. Am I the only one who fell for this scam?


  1. Alesi's Chi's

    Dispute the charge with your credit card. Site her return policy & their refusal to respond to your request for a refund. They’ll reverse the charge

  2. cancan

    Yeah you were prob ally scammed. and you probably would have had way better results for a lower cost buy buying Ceazer Milan’s book on dog behavior, or watching the show Dog whisperer with him in it.

  3. Aristes

    I can tell you a good bit about cairns, if you’d like.
    I’ve been able to break mine of submissive urination, digging, barking, biting, etc.
    I’d go ahead and report her to the BBB.


    Yes me too. I think her so called advise is c##p. I will be asking for a refund also. If I don’t succeed I will be contacting my credit card company. Good Luck.

  5. wrenchwo

    I’ve never heard of her, but maybe it’s because I don’t have a Cairn? Lots of scammers out there, it sucks.

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