My dog is a little over 1 year old, and I would like to learn how to train her better. She currently knows sit, stay, come here, and when she feels like it lay down. I would like her to learn roll over and heel but haven’t had any luck so far (she is VERY fidgety). Are there any good books or DVDs that can help? Thanks.


  1. cyberfor

    Hello Rainbow,
    I fully understand how you feel because I encountered the same situation when I have tried to train up my baby dog months ago, you need to be patience and render your supreme love caring for your dog.
    I am lucky to have my friend who recommends a series of breakthrough videos for training my baby dog in a remarkable training techniques to quickly end all of my frustrating dog problems.
    Best of all, all I have to do is just sit back and relax in the comfort of my home to enjoy the “live” (with real dogs) demonstration how to easily solve each and every one of my dog’s behavior issues!
    Hope this link will help you a lot!
    Enjoy it.

  2. Mary-Ann

    I also have a dog that is a little over a year old, he is a cocker spaniel. He was fairly easy to house break but when it came to other things he just wouldn’t listen at all!! I bought a few books from Chapters on training and it didn’t really help much, I got him to roll over for treats but that was about it. Then last month my friend told me about how there are online training guides with video where you can see the body language that is being used to train the dog, which helps a great deal.
    Here is the link to the online guide I used
    I hope it works for you too! Good luck.

  3. Miabella

    Right now, my very favorite 2 dog training books, HANDS DOWN, are:

    “If A Dog’s Prayers Were Answered, Bones Would Rain from the Sky” by Suzanne Clothier. She has a beautiful writing style, and each chapter serves as my bedtime story right now. 🙂 She is very positive and talks about mistakes that she made in the past through several stories written about her clients and their dogs. Clothier’s clients seem to be mainly last-chance dogs that other trainers have messed up, and dogs with severe behavior problems. If I could meet anyone in the world right now, it would be this author.

    The second one is “On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals” by Turid Rugaas, on the different stress/calming signals that canines naturally offer as communication to others of their species. These dogs try to communicate with us humans, too, but often the tiny signs go unnoticed by the untrained eye. Learning this new language is a HUGE eye-opener into the world of how a dog thinks, learns, and teaches the world around him. It’s an easy read and a very short book (about 75 pages).

    I also have a blog, and would love to know any books you have found useful! Hope you enjoy the ones I suggested.

    Miabella & Lucid

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