We don’t have animals but a couple of days ago a cat died under our apartment(we are on the bottom floor) and fleas are coming through a crack in the bathroom. it will be a week until the leasing office can get someone out, but they are taking us alive! we have used Bengal flea spray and all but its not working and i have a 3yr old, so i am afraid of over doing it. any suggestions on a VERY INEXPENSIVE way to kill them?


  1. Minister L

    A bug bomb works the best. You can buy them in almost any store and they are easy to use.
    Just set it off , leave the house for an hour and come back open windows and the fleas will be gone.
    Vacuum really good and you will be flea free.

  2. Rover Fan

    I bought some stuff called “Home Defense” from Lowes for like $13. I got it to kill spiders but on the label it says it will kill fleas too for up to 12 months.
    Edit: The girl above me is right. Vacuum really good and then put the bag or canister in the freezer for awhile because sometimes the fleas will crawl out so freezing them will kill them for good.

  3. Sami jo

    i’ve heard but never tried this. vaseline the inside of tupperware fill halfway with water and place under a green light. the light will attract the fleas and the jar will trap them. let me know if this works!
    good luck

  4. Siamese-

    borax or a flea bomb, you can get these at walmart or any hardware store, follow directions on the back of the can these bombs will cost about 3-5 dollars each depending on where you buy them

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