I’m reading a book on clicker training and would like to get started immediately. Problem is I live in Korea. Don’t want to bother with finding, ordering, then waiting two months for delivery for a real clicker from the U.S.


  1. dontknow

    use a few coins in an empty soda can. this will make the same “sense of the clicker noise”! Good luck!

  2. p_i_turt

    You know the little metal lids on drink bottles like snapple? They click if you push in the middle part. Not as loud as a regular clicker, but works in a pinch.
    You can also substitute any other noise, or a light, like those pocket lazers (just don’t shine in anyone’s eyes) or, if you are really stumped, use a very specific word in place of the click. The verbal cue generally takes longer for the dog to catch on to, though, because they have already become so accustomed to tuning out your voice (plus your tone and all that varies, right!)
    Good luck!
    p.s. Whatever you choose, be consistent. It should be something that has the same sound everytime you use it, and should be short. The idea of the coins in the can wouldn’t work as well because it’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment that you are trying to indicate – just too much rattling. Use the clicker like a camera- you are trying to capture an exact moment of your dog’s behavior – and anything more than the slight two-part noise of the shutter going off just takes too long to get a focused image.

  3. ontario ashley

    Use a ballpoint pen – the kind that you ‘click’ to get the pen tip out.
    Or the lid of a juice bottle – you know how it pops up after being opened. It makes a click noise when you press it.

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