Hi, i have a 1 year old cross breed dog, he has a lovely temperament and is house trained. he sits and gives paw for treats. i was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to train him to stop pulling on the lead when going somewhere new, and how do you ensure he will come when called, especially when out without a lead. he will be going to classes for obedience. oh and the biggest question, how do i stop him going to, sniffing ans pushing at the gerbil cage? Thanks in advance for all your hints and tips


  1. CC Lover

    If you are taking him to obedience class they will teach you everything you need to know. When it comes to pulling on the lead, you stop and wait until the dog walks back to you, give them a treat and you start again. You may have to repeat but they will learn you are the leader not them. Obedience class helps you train your dog to come when called, work with him inside and if you have a yard with a fence outside as much as possible where there are distractions. Remember Praise and treat whenever they come! When it comes to the gerbil there is a thing called “leave it” you take a treat set it on the ground and say “leave it” if the dog goes near it cover it with your foot (don’t smoosh it 🙂 ) and say leave it again. Eventually your dog should walk away or sit down. when you move your foot to uncover it and he starts to go to it again repeat the proces again, Leave it! They will realize it is something they are not suppose to have and should give up on it completely. You praise and treat when they finally stop going for it 🙂 When your dog has learned that if they go near the cage you say “Leave it” and they will walk away.
    Sorry for the novel.. Everything I’ve said and more you will learn in obedience class. Good luck with your dog!

  2. Best Phoenix Roofing

    a good way to get your dog to walk beside you is, when he starts pulling away from you, call his name, say ‘heel’ or ‘here’ or whatever you want the command to be, and gently pull him back to your side, do not tug on the lead. Preferable you would want him to come back to your leg without having to pull him back at all.
    Antoher good tip is putting a little bit of chesse under your nails, or just carrying a little bit in your hands and keep your hand down at the side you want your dog to walkl at. The smell is so strong, it encourages the dog to stay close to your hand and therefore walk beside you.
    You want to remeber to give him lots of praise and treats when he does something good. Lots of positive reinforcement!
    Good luck 🙂

  3. wet26

    I don’t think your dog will stop going to the gerbil cage… those little critters will be too much of a temptation for his nose and curiosity.
    I have a beagle who pulls and pulls on her lead and no amount of training has helped. I have been training her to walk on her lead since we got her at 9 weeks and she is now 9 months.
    Last week I bought a Sporn training harness and it has worked, as the harness corrects the pulling and she pulls a lot less. I recommend this.

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