We have an indoor/outdoor cat and an out door dog. We use advantage brand flea drops and they work great! However we have an invasion of fleas in our carpet, and on our furniture. Is there anyway to get rid of them without harsh chemical sprays?


  1. A_Soldie

    A little trick that I learned… If you put a bowl of Dawn origional on the floor… the fleas will jump in it and drown them selves… I know it sounds crazy buy try it before you bomb… I have tried it before and it works..
    Make sure that you vaccume first so that the vibration will hatch the eggs.

  2. Wordpress Plugins

    You will need to buy Raid extra strength flea bomb. And probably do it at least three times depending on the manifestation. Also, invest in frontline for the animals.

  3. joey322

    i thought my pup brought fleas inside, so i bought some carpet sprinkle at wal-mart. it was in the pet department and you sprinkle it on, brush it in, leave it for about 1/2 hour, then vacuum it up!
    it has an o.k. cirtus scent too.
    i also heard that eucalyputus oil can help….but i don’t know if you’re infested.
    take care.

  4. Wordpress Plugins

    you might have to use a flea bomb and since that takes a few hrs,,,,,you can do the cat..give him a flea dip but it can’t be at your place while its being bombed. you and any other pets will have to leave for a few. oh,,make sure your food is covered and the safest way would be to put open containers in the fridge. fish tank?? cover it good with a plastic sheet ,a friend of mine needed that done and i helped her ,,i didn’t know it required alot more than just setting off the bomb,,,oh and close the windows and vents,,,,,,then once that’s done,,,you’ll have to vac up those little dead buggers !

  5. meljoani

    A great thing I have heard is to get 2-3 flea collars from a grocery or pet store, put it in your vaccume bag (or plastic cup..) and vaccume.. Then throw the bag in the trash.

  6. Knock Knock

    You can use Eucaliptus Oil and water in a spray bottle, but it takes a while you just have to keep spraying it and they eventually will die and go away. I also heard about these things that you plug into the wall like the air fresheners, but I have never used one.

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