i am being invaded with fleas. i have sprayed and sprayed and sprayed with different stuff and its not working. was thinking of getting an exterminator out there. but i dont want to waste more money if its going to have the same outcome of what i’ve allready been doing.


  1. oil field trash

    One of the keys to eliminating fleas is their life cycle. You can spray for them but that only kills the adults. The eggs they have laid will hatch and then you have a new infestation. You need to spray on the correct cycle to eliminate all of the new fleas as they hatch.
    A professional should know this and be able to deal with the fleas in the proper way.
    If the fleas are outside then you have the problem of them coming on to you property from your neighbors. In that case, you may be able to control them but eliminating them becomes much more difficult.

  2. kitty

    Getting rid of fleas is an uphill task and you need to be very persistent in your efforts in order to eradicate them compeletely.
    Many people failed in their attempts to get rid of fleas and this is becuase they are just focus in killing of fleas while allowing the other life stages of the fleas like the eggs, larvae and cocoons to remain. So even if you managed to kill off all the adult fleas, there will be more coming when the eggs, larvae and cocoons develope into adult fleas.
    Your choice of a flea treatment medicine and the way you go about cleaning the house which should cover both indoors and outdoor is very important. Some products only manage to kill off the adult fleas and are inactive against the other life stages at all. So you need to choose one that is effective against all life stages of the fleas.
    Also, the products used for indoor may differ from one suitable for outdoors.
    Here is a very good site which provide details on suitable products as well as what you can do to get rid of fleas on pets, in the house and outdoors.

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